Documentation of our Easter Activities

I think it’s late enough to blog about Easter now! (Because, you know, I don’t blog on time!)

We kicked off our Easter activities on Good Friday by boiling an extra dozen eggs that I had bought (I kid you not, that’s how bad my brain is right now!) and having egg races! First, everyone decorated their racing eggs, but I don’t have pictures of that, so I must have been holding a child. Then, we headed out to the great outdoors…

…and got ready to race! I was so thrilled with the kids being in height order here (being a Napoleon Dynamite fan, I seem to have a natural affinity for all things in height order!) that I had to move Aurora and give this another shot before the games could begin…

This is as good as it got! Apparently toddlers…like to toddle! So, anyway, we started out racing with eggs on spoons…

(Don’t be impressed by my kid being in the lead, she is totally cheating!)

…and then we rolled the eggs on the ground with spoons…

…And then, for the biggest race of all…

…We found a big hill and rolled them down!

I love that all three eggs are in mid-air in this picture!

And there it is, the winning egg! (I guess Gage was the only one who realized he could give his egg a little oomph!)

It ended up being a great way to waste creatively use an hour and get rid of creatively use some eggs that we did not need! Not exciting enough for you? Well, Tiff and I are already discussing next year’s Egg-O-Lympics, because, you see, I will have a yard next year! Think – trampolines and sling shots! So stay tuned for some bigger and better Egg-Ventures in the future!

(Apparently I like my eggs with a little cheesyness. )

So, the next day (the day before Easter), we took our crew to see our families for our annual Easter Egg Hunt with them. Somehow I ended up outside before all the kids were released, so I did a little hunting with my camera.

Enough of that. Here are the people who were really supposed to be finding eggs.

(Yes, my parents helped with the egg hunt. My parents come with us to my in-laws for several holidays a year. Both sides of the fam are awesome like that!)

And they’re off!

After all the excitement, we went inside to check out the innards of the plastic eggs and dessert. (I made dirt cups with the kids and failed to take a single picture – can you believe it???) Later on, some of the kids returned outside for some more yard fun.

I was highly amused with the fact that the smallest child was the one pushing the four wheeler!

That’s my big girl! (I was pretty proud of her for driving this by herself until she nearly killed someone!)

It was a good little day visit – both of Josh’s adult sisters were there, and it is a very rare occurrence these days for all of us to be together!

Aunt Heather finally got to meet Egan!

So, I don’t have any pictures from Easter itself…I like getting all the festivities done before the actual holiday so we can actually relax on the special day! (And, really and truly, I don’t want my kids to be distracted by eggs and candy on a day that should be focused on Jesus.) We don’t “do” Easter bunnies or baskets (just like we don’t “do” Santa Clause,) but we did give the kids a small gift on Easter morning. This year they each got a wind chime for the new house…what, you didn’t give your kids a wind chime for Easter? (Well, they certainly don’t need any toys…what can I say?) And God did provide a miraculous Easter dinner for us…our friends invited us over after church – otherwise, it would have been the KFC drive-thru!

Well, it may not be the most organized post, but that should give you an idea of what our Easter weekend looked like!


2 thoughts on “Documentation of our Easter Activities

  1. I was SO happy to finally get to see my little nephew! 😀 He was precious!! Can’t wait to see them all again! n_n

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