Phone Picture Blog – Because I Can

I’m sort of stealing another idea for a blog post from Lacey. ‘Cept I’m really not, b/c I’ve been wanting to do this exact type of blog post for a while now. But do I have anything to prove that I had the idea first? Nope. I’ve got nothing.

Anyway, I haven’t been posting phone pictures because A) they’re poor quality, and now that I’m into this photography junk I get annoyed with poor quality pictures, and B) I have to e-mail them to myself, and then save them, and then upload them to Photobucket, and then put them on here. And that’s at least two extra steps to the picture blogging process. BUT, the truth is, I simply can’t carry my camera everywhere, whereas I’m {supposed} to carry my phone everywhere, so a lot of life’s moments are recorded in poor quality pics on my phone. Plus, I’ve gotten into the habit of sending pics to Josh of the kids when they’re doing cute things while he’s at work, and we both seem to enjoy that little activity. So today as I was nursing {or something}, I e-mailed myself a bunch of phone pics so I can share them with you!

I’m going to start with the most recent and work my way backwards, just for kicks. And because that is the order they are already in.

(My caption when I sent it to Josh: Izzy is a trend setter.)

This was last night. Izzy was wearing his pajama top that comes with a little Batman cape that can be velcroed onto it. (Is velcroed a verb? I suppose “attach with velcro” would be more correct.) When we walked the dog, Ava wanted a cape, too. I discovered that a receiving blanket safety pinned to the shirt makes an excellent cape. I took me 4.5 years to figure out that trick???

(Josh’s caption: This weather is just not right!)

This was yesterday morning. I had been taking the kids to the playground around lunch time, and it’s been pretty hot at lunch time. So I decided that earlier in the morning would be more comfortable. I have a hard time getting out the door early, so I even offered to pick up Isabel and take her with us so we would have more motivation to go. I lathered sunscreen on the kids and prepared water cups for them. Pretty proud of how proactive and prepared I was, we walked outside. It was COLD! In the 50s with a horrible wind! So we ran back INside to grab jackets…but the playdate had to go on!

He must have been telling a joke.

Ava drew this pic and I just love it. It’s what our family would look like if we were all fish. Or fi3h.

Photographic proof that I really am trying!

I like to make Josh feel really bad when he’s cooped up in a cubicle after dinner time. Or know that he’s missed. Something like that.

(Josh’s caption: Which is more entertaining, brother or the gym?)

Izzy on a trip that I took with the boys to Target while Ava was at preschool. I heart Target, and I don’t get to go there very often (as I need a real reason too, since Wal-Marts prices on every day items will always be better), and the boys were really good, so this little shopping trip felt like a vacation! I used a gift card for our diaper pail and some nursing tanks. My husband assured me that it is OK to buy nursing clothes with a baby gift card since I wouldn’t need them if it wasn’t for the baby.

Oh, and I may have snagged some amazing sandles for $13.

I’m not good at self-portraits at all, but I am pleased with this one! This is how Egan and I roll. Now that it is hot I put him in the stroller for outside walks. But in stores and restaurants, this is typically how you will find us! Carrying a heavy infant car seat around is for the birds, and I refuse to do it! Hopefully I’ll get someone to take a better picture of him and the wrap someday and do a little post on baby wearing, since I get asked about it so much.

My other companions on this particular walk!

These pics are pre-Egan’s birth. Remember The Offending Dress? Well, Tiff has the EXACT SAME DRESS in her girls’ dress-up stash. So, when we go over there to play and the girls want to play dress-up, guess what Izzy wants to wear? I took this pic of Izzy in The Offending Dress carrying a parasol to send to Josh while he was at a Super Bowl Party. He was totally thrilled and it really added to that testosterone-driven event for him.

Sometimes, you have to get creative to share!

At one of the parks we go to, there is a board walk over a pond, and if you stand still long enough, turtles will start swimming to you!

Well, that’s it for now. Maybe someday I’ll get the urge and e-mail myself more pictures. Maybe.

Anyone else want to jump on the train and do a phone picture entry? Anyone?


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