2 Month Pictures and Stream of Conscienceness Combo

I thought instead of blogging on one topic, I would do a bullet point style post. Of course, it needs pictures, so I am going to use pictures from the little 2 month photo shoot I did with Egan last Tuesday. You’re welcome.

(Yes, that is a baby in a box. I had originally planned to do this shoot at the actual post office so that I could use a line of USPS mailboxes as the background. But I wasn’t sure about the legality of that, plus there were a lot of people around who would have thought I was really weird, so I chickened out. I used my apartment’s mailboxes instead. Later on, I realized it would have made more sense to do it on my door step, since that is where you typically find packages. Oh, well.)

~ I can’t believe Egan is 2 months old! Time has flown by seriously fast. I took him to a check-up today and he is 11 pounds, 12 ounces. He is a pretty good baby! He has calmed down considerably and smiles a little more every day.

~ The state government session is over!!!!!! I am SO excited that Josh is going to be able to resume his normal work schedule! We have spent the past two months exhausted and frustrated with our lack of time. Now that Josh can be home in the evenings, I hope to start cooking nutritious meals again (my cooking has been very minimal since Egan was born) and jogging. Who knows, maybe I’ll even be able to keep my house a tiny bit cleaner, too!

~ I shot a really pretty beach wedding last weekend. Josh and Egan came so that I would be able to nurse, so after the wedding, Jim was gracious enough to take a few shots of Egan’s first beach trip! My parents took the older kids for the weekend, and that was SO needed and appreciated! We just need a break from each other sometimes! Josh and I even got to go to Saturday morning breakfast at I-Hop with just one baby – that’s a date for us!

~ I had a great Mother’s Day! I received cards from my parents, in-laws, hubby, and EACH child (that’s a lot of cards!) and this fabulous Lisa Leonard necklace! I don’t have the initial charms yet, so it is sort of a work in progress, but it is beautiful and so fitting! Josh cooked us lunch, he washed the dishes, he handled disciplining the kids, and then for dinner he took us for cheese fries and smoothies – which is one of the greatest culinary combinations of all times! I’m afraid I can’t top that for Father’s Day…

~ Today is my friend Jackie’s birthday. Happy birthday, Jackie!!!

~ My friend Liz had her twins!!! They are doing great! I got to meet them when they were one day old, and they were the sweetest little babies! I am scheduled to bring them some food on Thursday, so I’m going to resist dropping in on them again until then since I can only imagine how exhausted they are right now. But the truth is I can’t wait to hang out with those little ones (and their mommy!) again! New life is so sweet!

(A couple size comparison photos! Wasn’t trying to leave Ava out, but she was at preschool when I shot these.)

~ Life seems to be getting busy for us again. May always ends up being crazy for us! But fear not, I have a To-Do list!

~ I have some topics I would like to blog on in the future. Just saying.


One thought on “2 Month Pictures and Stream of Conscienceness Combo

  1. I feel your pain. There are always things I want to blog on, but when I find the time to, I can’t remember them due to exhaustion. LOL But yeah…If you guys could, plan to be home in Blakely on the 28th and 29th. I plan to try and have our birthday celebration on the 28th (Saturday). I finally got it approved off from work, so it would be great to have you guys there! πŸ™‚ Let me know if you can make it. Thanks. I’ll be 26, Josh’ll be 31, and Kristy’ll be 21! πŸ˜€ Yay.

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