My Princess, a Second Attempt

I had a post written last night entitled “My Princess,” describing the hills and valleys of my relationship with Ava right now, and then my internet flopped when I tried to post it. I’m not complaining – I’m sort of asking for it since I never save my blogs before posting. But I’m too tired to recreate everything I said, at least not right now. But you can still see the pictures that I used.

Ava and I went outside a couple weeks ago to take some pics of Egan next to his name written in chalk. But all I got was this:

Because the sun was too bright for him to look at the camera! I promise that this spot was in the shade when I was doing the drawing!

So, Ava asked if I would take some pictures of her. I figured that, with all the fun I’d been having taking pictures of Egan in various objects, I had neglected shooting my older kids! So we had an impromptu shoot. She wasn’t wearing a special outfit or anything, but we ended up with some cute pics!

This girl is growing up in leaps and bounds. It’s a little crazy to watch.

She’s super smart. Thanks to the help of preschool, she’s getting to be really excellent at drawing her letters.

And her memory? Don’t ever say anything around this child that you don’t want her to remember. Forever.

She really knows how to drive me crazy. I mean, really, Josh has to separate us sometimes. But I realized recently that the reason she drives me crazy is she is just. like. me.

Pretty scary, huh?

She’s very extroverted. Which is nothing. like. me. But she is shy in a crowd, which is very much like me.

Despite her ability to instigate, she is a top notch big sister. Both boys love her!

I said after I had Izzy that, if all of my remaining children have to be just one gender, I would prefer for them to be boys. And that’s still totally true. But…I was looking through the box of Ava’s clothes that I have kept to find something for Aurora to borrow, and I realized I do sort of hope that I have at least one more little girl to share those clothes with.

Because having a Princess is pretty special.


One thought on “My Princess, a Second Attempt

  1. Sweet pictures of Ava! Alex’s memory is the same. He remembers EVERYTHING! Some days I love it and other s I wish it wasn’t so good 😉

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