A Plethora of Randomness

In honor of finally getting to the reception pictures of the wedding I’m editing, here is a blog of randomness for you. To complete its randomness, I’m going to illustrate it with whatever photos I’ve uploaded to Photobucket but have not used…because I do not have time to upload more. This could be interesting!

I think this was less than a week after we brought Egan home. We got Netflix to help with the transition to a family of 5, and here are the kids enjoying “Dora.”

~ Still no luck with Izzy and poop on the potty. Teetee, however, is going just fine!

~ My hubby’s birthday was last week. In honor of that, Tiff watched the big kids for us, and we went to see Pirates of the Caribbean! (For those of you who are just tuning in, we typically only go to the theater [not counting the dollar theater] for one movie a year, so that is rather significant.) I had never taken a baby into a movie before, but I figured that there’s a first time for everything! Egan did fine; he slept in the wrap for the first three quarters of the movie, and when he woke up fussing, I was easily able to nurse him back to sleep. Nobody threw popcorn at us, so I guess he didn’t bother anyone too much.

(And the movie was good; I probably won’t have time to review it, but I was let down by the third Pirates movie, and this one, I think, was very redeeming for the Pirates franchise.)

Reason # 358 that Ava loves going to Gigi’s: the exquisite costumes!

~ Josh’s parents surprised him with a blu-ray player for his birthday. Although we don’t have blu-rays nor do we have a hi-def TV, we do like to watch Netflix Instant Watch and the Braves games on MLB TV. The blu-ray makes both of those activities a lot easier!

All 3 of my babies have worn this outfit as a newborn; Ava actually wore it home from the hospital. I’m not always a sentimental person, but there’s a couple little outfits that everyone has worn that get me every time! sniff sniff!

~ We went to look at the new house yesterday when we got the keys. It’s hard to believe that in 25ish days our lives are going to look a lot different! It’s also hard to believe that my sanity is going to withstand moving along with my other normal summer responsibilities!

Did you really just post a bottle of your breastmilk? Oh yes, yes, I did.

~ A couple weeks ago I got to take maternity pictures for a friend and twin newborn pictures for Liz in the same day. Suh-weet!!!

Look who loves his baby brother enough to let him share THE blanket!

~ One of my personal goals for each day is to take the kids outside, at least for a little while. But it is already so. hot. that I have a hard time motivating myself to do that. Plus, other than taking walks, I am running out of things for them to do outside. (Playgrounds are nice first thing in the morning, but the equipment heats up pretty quickly!) Any ideas? Anyone?

At Jackie’s birthday. Yes, I’m mainly posting this to see if Eric and Bobby are paying attention. And, no, they’re not inebriated. Would it look better if they were?

~ I spent part of my time in May writing a camp curriculum, as I have done for three years or so. We’re calling it “Love Walk” and it’s based around Micah 6:8. It was actually very challenging to write, and called for some research and self-examination. I hope to one day write a blog on the things I learned about acting justly, loving mercy, and walking humbly with your God.

Why the super hero arms in pajamas? No idea.

~ We have finished reading the Narnia series with Ava! I will admit that it was a little bittersweet, which I guess is fitting since the ending of the series is bittersweet! (But I won’t tell you why, you’ll have to read it for yourself!)

So, then we faced the question, What do we do now? Now that we know she enjoys listening to chapter books, we certainly didn’t want to revert back to board books. Although I adored the Anne of Green Gables series as a child, I think I need to wait a year or two before I take that plunge with her. So I’m thinking that we’ll go through the Beverly Cleary books first. However, to get us through with our move and unpacking without having to worry about library books, I picked up some of my old books from my parents’ house to tide us over until we are settled in. We let Ava choose one of the four books for us to read first, and she chose Fudgeamania by Judy Blume…which is funny because I actually don’t remember reading it! So, although it is quite different than Narnia, (mainly because it wasn’t written with a British accent,) we are enjoying reading through it with her.

Still not sure what’s up with the super hero arms. But maybe this is the last picture I will post of him in a diaper??? Maybe???

Well, I’m out of random photos, which is nice because I’m also out of random facts! Maybe I can get some sleep before Egan wakes up for his feeding!


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