Hannah’s Story

Beach wedding is complete!!! I will be giving the bride her pictures tomorrow…and then I will shoot another wedding on Saturday. Not to mention the three shoots that are already in my editing cue. But for now I’m going to just enjoy the fact that the editing for Wedding #2 for 2011 is done. And in honor of that, a blog post.

I’m not going to take the time to edit and upload pictures today, so I’m going to have to work with what I already have. Which means today’s entry is about Hannah.

But, when I do have time, I’m pretty excited to share with you Egan’s three month pictures AND some pictures of our new house! So, stay tuned…

During May, Ava’s preschool class was doing a unit on bugs. I was down with that…until the last week of the unit. I arrive to pick her up to find a water bottle filled with soil with Ava’s name on one side and the name “Hannah” on the other side. Apparently, each child got to pick out and name their own earthworm. Ava had christened hers Hannah.

Some people are really good at keeping things like plants and bugs alive. I am not one of those people.

During nap time, I googled earthworm care. I quickly decided that Hannah’s best chances were to be set free into the wild to fend for herself. That would be much more humane than whatever would happen to her were she to remain in our custody.

When Josh got home from work, I explained the situation and he agreed with me. We decided to set Hannah free as a family so that Ava wouldn’t feel like we stole her worm from her. Fortunately, Ava went along with it without too much grief.

It’s hard to take a picture with your pet earthworm. They don’t really care for light.

This is the part that we **hoped** that there was still a live earthworm in the bottle, since neither of us had actually seen it yet.

There she is!

She was too floppy to stay in Ava’s hand, so Josh caught her on a stick for the kids to get a picture. (Yes, Izzy is outside in his Cars briefs. We’re classy like that.)

Let’s not talk about Hannah the Cricket that came home with Ava two days later. We released her, but by the time we remembered to do it…well, let’s just hope the fresh air revived her.

I’m pretty happy that the bug unit is over.

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