Summer Is…

Pictures in this post are from a couple weeks ago. We were having the piano moved to the new house, so we all went down to it and let the kids play in the sprinkler in the yard. Barefoot. We’ve been in the city so long we feel like city people, but we do have some country, barefoot roots. We just have to dig down, deep down, to find them!

~ Summer is using my high school backpack for a diaper bag. Much easier to travel with and less conspicuous when Daddy is carrying it!

~ Summer is using my old 4.0 megapixel Kodak camera instead of my Olympus for family pictures. A lot easier to carry, and I can’t risk getting sand in the Olympus or dropping it in a river or something tragic like that!

~ Summer is my kids sleeping in 5 different beds over the course of one week. Five.

~ Summer is my wedding anniversary. This year we spent it on the beach as a family. We decided that, next time we go to the beach as a family, grandparents are going to have to come along to help. It’s a lot of work!

~ Summer is Day Camp for Ava and mommy. Ava got to be a camper for the first time this year! And, the way she talks about it, I think she loved every. little. thing. about Day Camp. If it would be possible to live at Day Camp, I think Ava would do it. But that wouldn’t be Day Camp, it would be overnight camp. And she’s not old enough for that…yet!

~ Summer is being out of my element and doing crafts for Day Camp. This year, I spent a lot of time with white glue, tempera paint, and card stock. And I lived to tell about it!

~ Summer is a lot of sun screen. A LOT of sunscreen. But my kids are tanning, anyway! They don’t get that from me…

(After playing in the sprinkler and the dirt, the kids got their first bath taken at the new house! Of course, all we had to bathe them with was hand soap and wet wipes…)

~ Summer is not having nearly enough time to keep my blog caught up on all of our activities! July won’t be nearly as packed as June, so maybe I can do more catching up then.


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