Our Summer Adventures: Amy and Garrett Edition

I forgot to mention the fact that, when we went to the beach, we all loaded up in the truck. Josh has a ’95 Chevy pick-up (that apostrophe stands for nineteen, in case you’ve forgotten!) that we had, until that point, not tried to put the whole family in. But on this trip, we needed to. We achieved it by putting Egan in the front between us (don’t worry, ’95 pick-up = no air bags!) Which means that Ava had to sort of vault over the front seat to get to her car seat in the back. And Ava and Izzy couldn’t see each other because all the luggage was shoved between them. I wish I had the picture of our red-neck vacation vehicle in action, but I don’t. Or at least, I don’t know where it would be.

ANYWAY, the reason why we needed the truck was because, after our 24 hours at the beach, we were going to visit our friends Amy and Garrett. If your one of the five people who have followed my blog for a long time, you may remember Amy. Amy and Josh went to church together for years, but I didn’t get to know her until we landed in the same program at the Baptist College of Florida, where it was only a matter of time before we became fast friends! Amy, among many other things, was one of the very first people to hold Ava, toughed out the two hardest Dr. Burns classes with me, graduated with me, allowed me to take engagement pictures of her and Garrett before I knew one. single. thing. about photography, and honored me by asking me to be a part of her wedding. Unfortunately, we moved one way, and her and Garrett moved in a different direction, so our visits with them have become much fewer and farther between than anyone would like!

HOWEVER, Amy and Garrett had a pretty nice carrot to dangle in front of us this time: a set of free bunk beds that had been left at the pastorium that they now live in. The type of furniture was right (we knew Izzy was going to need a big boy bed for our new house – and this is something Egan can share later on!) and the price was definitely right, so we packed everything in the truck so that we could go to Undisclosed City, Alabama (am I good at this security thing, or what!) to visit with our dear friends and pick up some furniture while we were there.

It was lots of fun! We ate, we visited, we got to hear Garrett preach a wonderful Father’s Day sermon (Garrett is the student minister at their church, but he happened to be scheduled to preach that day!), and I got to check out Amy’s growing baby bump since they will be having their first child in December!!! Oh, and she finally got to meet this little guy:

Hooray for great friends!!!

No idea what happened to Garrett when I pulled the camera out…

AND hooray for new bunk beds! Thanks, Amy and Garrett!!!


2 thoughts on “Our Summer Adventures: Amy and Garrett Edition

  1. i would love to have seen the pic of you family all piled in the truckfree bunk beds, thats not a bad deal, your vacay sounded like fun and seeing good friends is always a good time

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