Blog Fix Before My Week off from the Internets

I’m about to spend a week internet-less for an undisclosed reason, so I figured I must write one more blog entry. I forgot some of the random bullet points I meant to write the other day, anyway! So here’s some random pictures and bullets, just for you.

I heart this face! The day before his 3 month shoot, I was trying hats on Egan looking for inspiration. This one was obviously his favorite!

~ My newest addiction: Oh. my. goodness. So many visual goodies! You can follow me here. Although I have to warn you that I don’t pin that much since I typically just use it to stalk other people’s ideas. I stalked for several weeks and then figured I should be all legit and actually get an account. A wonderful resource for anyone who needs ideas: crafts, photography, wedding planning ::cough cough, Lauren, cough cough::, food, etc.

Reason #347 Tiff is a great mom: Gwiny had a vision for Tiffany to have this Harry Potter birthday cake. Had it been my child, I would have said, “What a nice idea, you are so sweet!” Tiff strategized, bought supplies, and made the cake. On her birthday. {{Happy late birthday, Tiffany!!!}}

~ I must praise my husband, who has updated my photography website, so it’s all 2011ish now! And now it connects to BOTH the facebook page and the photography blog, so it is sort of the power center for all things Pink Shutterbug. Or something like that.

Our friends, Jay and Kristy, meeting Egan for the first time!

~ We heart frappuccinos/frappes. They’re expensive. Plus, we’ve moved pretty far from Starbucks and McDonalds now. Thanks to this recipe, I can make them at home really fast and really cheap. So I thought I would share! I always make it for two, so I fill the blender to the 4 cup mark with ice and milk, use a whole packet of pudding, and two packets of instant coffee. (And it can be made sugar free if you use sugar free pudding mix – win win win!)

Josh and Egan napping after our move.

~ OK, so those are the main bullets I forgot. If you would like to fill your time while I’m gone reading some cool, more reliable bloggers, here are some of my faves:

Big Mama: I just love her. And, if it tells you anything, Josh reads her daily, too. (So it’s mostly so that we’ll have something to talk about, but he seems to enjoy it, as well!) She’s gotten me hooked on pinterest AND Friday Night Lights. When I was on Day 2 in the hospital after having Egan, I panicked not because I had been away from facebook, but because I had missed two days of Big Mama.

Angie Smith/Bring the Rain: It’s more of a weekly blog than daily, but it’s always good. I’m SO thrilled to get to hear her at a mom conference in the fall!!!

MckMama: I get a ton of ideas for the kids from her, but there’s other good stuff, too!

My Pastor: No that’s not his blogging name, he really is my pastor. He’s blogging through 40 days of prayer for our church right now, but I think his blog applies to any church!

Resolved2Worship: I’d check it daily even if all she did was post her pictures. But the blog is fantastic, too! (Although some of the entries are too deep and long to read in one sitting.)

So Every Day: Sometimes spiritual. Sometimes silly. Always real.

The Life and Times of M&M: Meghan is a high school buddy that I manage to run into as much as possible when visiting “home.” She shares my love for blogging, and I love keeping up with her blog…and using her column of blogs that she reads for my own blog reading, since I am too lazy to make my own list! Except I sort of just did!

OK, I should probably go prepare for my undisclosed activity now. Here are some shots from the first time Egan rolled all the way over onto his tummy to top off the evening.


2 thoughts on “Blog Fix Before My Week off from the Internets

  1. i just discovered pinterest this week and I love it!! it’s wasting a lot of my time though! haha.. 🙂 I’ll follow you!

  2. i’ll have to check out pinterest.comthats awesome about ur site being updated!!cute pics, your kiddos are darling

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