Our Summer Adventures – Edition We Moved, Mowed the Grass, and Ate Ice Cream

OK, so I think I am now 2 whole months behind on blogging Our Summer Adventures. In light of that, I may combine several events/activities in each catching up post. But I may not, because that would hinder me from being able to use as many words to describe each event/activity. And I do so love to be wordy.


Adventure 1: We Moved and Mowed the Grass

I have a confession. The day that we moved, I did not take one. single. picture. Yes, you read that correctly. Fortunately, for the sake of this blog post, the day before we moved, I did think to take some pictures of our kids with the mountains of boxes.

The day before we moved, Josh went to the new house to meet the cable guy and put together the new bunk beds. I met him there to move my hanging clothes (I don’t bother boxing up hanging clothes any more.) We then made the drive to meet my parents for them to take the older kids for the weekend.

We were so blessed on moving day! I think about 10 people showed up to help! The day went very smoothly. In the end, we even had all the furniture basically where it was supposed to go. A big shout out of thanks goes to all the guys and gals that made our moving day possible!

The only thing so far that was lost in the move was the baby nail clippers. I had to put socks on Egan’s hands to keep from us both getting scratched. Don’t worry, I finally bought some more clippers.

One of the biggest differences for us now is having a lawn to maintain. And, thanks to the blessing of rain this month, it has to be maintained quite often!

Yes, I have a statue of a naked child in my front lawn. No, it is not really my idea of a tasteful decoration. I have hopes of putting a rain coat on the poor thing one day.

I was really pleasantly surprised at the size of the boys’ room when we moved in.

I can already tell this is where all the action is going to be!

Josh scored this train table, and its accessories, off Craigslist really cheap.

Sorry that this post about our move is so sporadic, I’m sure I had a lot more in my head to say about the move weeks ago, but those thoughts have since been replaced.


Adventure 2: We Ate Ice Cream

The weekend after we moved, I had the privilege of going with Lauren and her mom and another one of her bridesmaids, Kristy, to look at wedding dresses.

Oh, and Egan.

And that is all I can really say about that.

Except that, after a day of shopping, we had to make one more stop.

And thus begins a fun year of wedding festivities!

Good thing I wasn’t planning on going on a diet this year, anyway.


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