Stopping for some Blog-flection (Alternatively Titled: Our Summer Adventures – Park Edition)

I don’t know if I mentioned it, but there is a very nice park with a playground about 1.5 miles from our new house. It is truly a blessing. We are probably there, on average, twice a week. Having a back yard is nice, but there is also something to be said for, not just getting out of the house, but getting AWAY from the house! These pictures are ones that I have snapped with my point and shoot on various park excursions.

I’m so behind in blogging, that I feel like by the time I’ve caught up with our Summer Adventures, our Current Adventures will be out-of-date and forgotten, too! So here are some random bullets about what is up with us right now!

Ava has finally learned how to swing! This has truly revolutionized going to the park for us! I’m happier because I no longer have to stand in the sun and swing her while trying to juggle the other kids. She’s happier because she can now swing as long and high as she wants!

~ Ava has moved up to her Pre-K class. You all know how much I was attached to her last teacher, Miss Donna, so I think I was more concerned about her making the move than she was. She seems to really enjoy it, and I think that this is going to be a very pivotal year in her learning. I mean, she has a Composition Book in her cubby! She will start the state’s official VPK curriculum in September.

In case you were wondering, Crayola makes colored/flavored water for kids. Although my kids are just fine drinking normal tap water, these little bottles are handy to have for impromptu trips to the park, and the kids think they’re a real treat.

~ This past month or so has been “one of those months” when it comes to our vehicles. It all started with the van going into the shop right before I left for Day Camp. Something about the thing that attaches the wheel to the axle coming loose. Then Josh’s truck went into the shop for…something…I can’t remember what now. It was actually in the shop while I was out of town for Day Camp, so Josh had to bum rides to work that week.

Then the AC went out on the van. So we decided that should be fixed before taking a long trip with all the kids in August. Then, on our way home from the trip, I mean really, we were 8 miles from home, the timing belt went out (of course, we didn’t know at the time that that was the problem,) and the vehicle completely shut off. It was about 11:00 PM. We are thankful for AAA (or is it written Triple A?) and good friends (namely, Bobby and Cynthia) willing to help shuttle us and our luggage (which there is always a lot of!) home in the middle of the night. The van was in the shop for over a week after that.

We are thankful for our parents willing to loan us the money for that last repair…we have been doing much better at setting aside some money every month for emergencies, but it was all used up from the previous repairs!

Oh, and this week Josh’s tire went flat with a socket in it. Fortunately, that tire was under warrantee. And it seems like I’m forgetting one other repair that his truck needed. But maybe I’m not.

Still feeling very blessed that we have vehicles at all. Especially the kind that don’t have an interest-drawing car payment attached to them.

~ We started “homeschooling” for French and piano last week. I know everything could change tomorrow, but so far I’m really pleased with the experience. Ava really thrives off of having structure, so even if that is all this provided her with, then it would be worth it. But I think she is learning some, too, and I am learning how to teach and make learning fun!

~ Egan is now rolling over both ways. Josh thinks he’s going to crawl quicker than the others did. He is such a sweet baby, and gets complimented for that all the time. It’s a good thing, too, because he goes pretty much everywhere with me!

~ Izzy is going through a cute phase where he says, “I love you” a lot. To me…to his daddy…to his siblings…to his blanket…to his dinosaur…

You can look at Ava’s face and tell how hot it is!!!

~ We finally cleaned the boxes out of Ava’s room so I can start decorating it! My mom gave me a bunch of small vintage ballet posters that I need to figure out how I want to mount. I also have some point shoes. I have a bulletin board and some pink paint, so the idea is to paint the board and then hang it in her room since she is always wanting to hang her art in her room. I have a lamp base and a tutu for her tutu lamp…so now I need a shade!

~ Thanks to Pinterest and Kathy and Josh’s brother Mark and the free prints I got last winter (got all that?), my living room walls are no longer bare! Pictures and explanations coming soon!

Didn’t want to leave Egan out of the self-photo fun!

~ I realized that Izzy turns 3 in TWENTY-FIVE days!!! Is he allowed to do that??? Which means that Ave will be turning FIVE approximately 25 days after that! What??? I think we need to make a birthday countdown paper chain! And I think I need to figure out what we’re going to do to celebrate!

This was right after Josh buzzed off Izzy’s hair! I know, right? Actually, it’s grown quite a bit since then, and I think I like the almost bald look the best!

~ I’m already strategizing the kids’ birthday photo shoots. I mean, Egan gets one every month, but the older kids only get an official one once a year, so it’s kind of a big deal! I sort of have a vision for Ava’s: barefoot, in her new pillow case dress, in a field or with some old buildings, with some sort of fancy half-up braid. But Izzy? No idea!

~ I’m also thinking about making my first-ever backdrop for the kids’ big photo shoots. I’m not typically interested in my own studio or using indoor backdrops at all, but then I saw this one on Resolved2Worship’s blog that she made with paper towels, needles, and thread. Hmmmmm… I wonder if I rolled it up loosely if it would be preservable for future shoots???

~ What to do about the kids’ birthdays/parties??? Izzy’s young enough that he doesn’t really need a party. We typically have an experience (like going to the beach or the zoo) rather than having a party for that age. Ava, on the other hand, will have a preschool class and is probably much more interested in parties. We kind of just…didn’t…have a party for her last year, even though I think she was invited to a party for every other kid in her class. But it was a super busy month for us and I sort of dropped the ball. But this year could be different. Tiff and I have discussed having a huge Narnia party for our kids’ birthdays (Gwiny’s is in September, as well,) but do I want to attack that now or save that until Christmas or when they’re older? (I have a ton of ideas for an awesome Narnia party…I’m not typically a themed party person at all, but I saw somebody having a Narnia party once, and…what can I say? I’m a Narniac!)

Egan’s first time on the swings!!!! (OK, so I think it was the second.) Don’t you totally heart my Dollar Tree hat???

~ I have totally dropped the ball on keeping up with birthdays this month. At the beginning of the month, I was making a shopping list, and I actually thought to myself, “I don’t have any birthdays to shop for this month.” Why, in the world, did I think that??? I mean, an alien must have possessed my brain! BECAUSE
– Josh’s mom turned 50 this month
– My grandfather turned 95 this month
– My dad’s birthday is Sunday
– Cynthia and Liz have birthdays this month (Liz’s is actually today! Happy birthday!)
– Josh’s best friend Jay’s birthday was Saturday
– this bullet point is for the other people whose birthdays I have forgotten
ANYWAY, all that goes to say, I am SO SORRY to the folks whose birthdays I have completely forgotten or neglected to plan a celebration for. And I may have neglected to have my kids make you a card. I am going to blame the alien that possessed my brain.

Well, I wish I could, but it’s really my fault. I have no excuse for myself.

I just thought of a bunch of excuses. But I’m going to show will power and not write them. ‘Cuz it really was my fault.

~ I have two weeks until shooting my next wedding. It has been nice, for the past couple weeks, to be totally wedding-editing free. I’ve been working on family shoots, which go a lot faster and therefore feels like I’m getting more done.

~ I will wrap the randomness of this post up with an Izzy translation for you.
What he says: “I want a brown cookie with ice.”
What he means: “May I please have an oreo?”


2 thoughts on “Stopping for some Blog-flection (Alternatively Titled: Our Summer Adventures – Park Edition)

  1. You should SO do Izzy in a car. Or even get friends to park their cars in a row, and have him sitting in some of them in several shots? He seems to really like lined cars, so it may be appropriate. Good luck! ;DWhat is VPK?Egan is SUCH a cutie!! When do I get to see your babies again, girl?! :(Yeah… It’s been a while since I’ve seen the alien possess your brian, girl. He was long over-due! Maybe that’s why he chose this month. 😉 (BTW, congrats. Glad to see you stepping up to the plate & growing your Christ honoring wings some more, girlie! 😀 *HUGS*)Brown cookie with ice? ROFL. Totally cute. :)Miss you, girl! *hugs*<3, ~*Akarui Mitsukai*~

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