Egan’s 4 Month Pictures

Egan’s 4 month pictures had a decidedly Americana theme since they were taken on 4th of July weekend. I’ll admit that they are probably my least favorite portraits that I’ve taken so far, but I am way too OCD in my picture blogging to not blog them. Of course, I will put some random bullets in-between them.

~ Speaking of Egan, he is 6 months – SIX MONTHS – old now! (And I’m pretty excited about the 6 month portraits that we took last weekend – can’t wait to have time to edit and post those!!!) He is now officially in the sweet, cuddly baby stage. He’s started “talking” a lot. He reaches for toys and puts everything in his mouth. He can now put the pacifier back in his mouth – which is nice! We finally started him on cereal a week or two ago. He was definitely ready for it – he gobbles it right up!

~ In the spirit of his entrance into solid foods, I’m going to attempt to make some baby food this month. This is my third baby, but I’ve never made my own baby food before – I figured it was time! The plan is to start him on carrots. I’m going to go ahead and make and freeze (in ice cube trays, of course!) butternut squash, green beans, and sweet potato. It is very nice to have the extra freezer on the back porch so that I can do things like that. (I don’t know if I mentioned that; we have the refrigerator from our old house on the back porch!)

~ Ava loves VPK!!! She also loves the fact that her friend, Isabel, got to sign up for the same VPK class at the last minute! Tiff brings Isabel to our house and then Josh takes them the rest of the way to preschool on his way to work, so they even have their own little car pool!

~ Ava peut parler un peu de francais. Regardez-toi: Bonjour, le soleil! C’est l’heure de se lever! Comme tu as sommeil! La vache mange du petit dejeuner. (What, you don’t talk about cows eating breakfast in your homeschooling? Clearly, you should re-prioritize!)

~ But, seriously, I’m having a lot more fun with this homeschooling thing than expected. For French, I basically can take normal kid games and add a French twist to them. (Examples: In the spirit of “Red Light/Green Light,” we play “Doucement/Vite.” When I say “doucement” she walks slow, and “vite” she walks fast. Or, the other day, we played “Hot/Cold” while hiding a rubber duck [le canard], but I used the French words.) I’m also really pleased with the piano book I’ve started her out with. I had no clue how to teach the basics of music, but the book is walking us through it pretty painlessly.

~ I’m having trouble fitting housework in with the new schedule. Which means my house looks…like it’s always looked…

~ Izzy turns 3 next Thursday. I might be in denial.

Thanks, Aunt Kristy, for the onesie!!!

~ There’s plenty I want to blog about. Someday.


One thought on “Egan’s 4 Month Pictures

  1. LOL! We used to talk about cows all the time. Actually at one point we wrote a mock opera staring a certain Vache de Verite. Yes, the Cow of Truth. Ha ha ha.

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