Izzy’s 3 Year Pictures

Sometimes facebook can be good. Like the time, recently, that I posted a status update asking if anyone had a connection with a fire station that would enable me to take Izzy’s 3 year old pictures with a fire truck. A big thanks to Jennifer for making the arrangements, and her father-in-law, Firefighter Rod, for allowing us to come play with the city’s truck! These pictures will always be special to us.

My son turned 3 today. I know, I know, it shouldn’t be legal. Honestly, between my pregnancy with Egan and shooting a lot of weddings the first half of Izzy’s second year, and spending the second half adjusting to life with 3 kids and still keeping my business semi-running, this whole year has been a blur. It feels like just yesterday that I was putting up his 2 year photos that I took at the beach.

But it wasn’t.

Izzy was pretty shy the first part of the shoot and wouldn’t let me put him in the driver’s seat!

Izzy is the stereotypical middle child. He plays well on his own. He hoards his possessions because he knows that is the only way to not have them taken by a sibling. He was slower in language development than his older sister because, with her around, there was really no need to talk.

But Izzy is so much more than a stereotype.

This has been a very big year for him.

He became a big brother this year.

He had to stop eating baby food and start eating the real deal. (Which is gradually getting better!)

He has learned how to use the potty and is working his way toward kissing the night-time diaper goodbye.

Along with his baby brother, Izzy’s voice also arrived. He can now communicate very well!

Izzy loves all things Lightning McQueen and dinosaurs. He also loves role play games and has a strong affinity for family units. Everything gets labeled as a mom, dad, or baby.

Izzy is a cuddler. He still clings to his blanket. He is the one to wriggle into my lap with a book, even if his brother is already there.

Izzy is systematic. He thinks things through. Everything has its place. He is purposeful with his actions. I think he’s going to be very good at math. And putting things together. All of these good traits he’s gotten from his Daddy.

Of course, he has his quirks. He likes to chase girls around while growling like a dinosaur. He can’t stand to have food on his fingers because it makes them “durty.” He is known to get in heated debates with his sister over nonsensical subjects. He has defied all odds by surviving off of nothing but peanut butter and graham cracker sandwiches for approximately 10 months.

And he is mine. And Josh’s. But, every day, he gets a little older. And a little less ours and a little more his. And I think all mothers agree that this is a bittersweet thing to watch. And to wonder. And worry that we are doing this right. Raising boys to be men in this culture, after all, is not for the faint of heart. As a mother of a daughter, I’m going to be teaching her to wait to give her life to somebody until a good man has found her. But as a mother of sons, I’m going to have to make sure that there are good men left to find those good daughters.

Whew. Anyone have a paper bag to breath into?

But, seriously, although the daunting task of raising boys is constantly on my mind, these pictures are a wonderful reminder to me…

…that Izzy is still a very small person in a very big world.

And I’m cherishing every moment I have with him. Happy birthday, Israel!!!


4 thoughts on “Izzy’s 3 Year Pictures

  1. Wow Kara!! First off let me comment on what a sweet boy you have there. He is so adorable and looks like he just had such a good time. Secondly, let me say that he is so lucky to have such an amazing mother. I am sure that day was just so special for him and it was so awesome of you to capture that for him. Parenting can be so difficult. We are not given any instructions on how to do it. There are so many wrong ways. I am sure you have questioned yourself if you are doing things the “right way” as I find myself doing and I love that you are looking to the future. Although you need to live for today, you realize that the actions that you take today will make him into the “man” he will be tomorrow. Lastly, as a mother of three boys it just touched me so much to read your blog. I had goosebumps the whole time and actually had some tears in my eyes. My oldest just turned 12 and half of his life with us is over! So sad. The time we have is so precious. Thank you for allowing me a moment to sit back on reflect on what an important job I have of raising amazing men of the future. xoxoxoxo

  2. oh I love this!! your Izzy and my Asher would get along so well – they are so similar! However, it is my Hannah that has begun trying to make friends by growling at them like a dinasaur! HA!! 🙂

  3. @dangrisani – Hi, Dawn!!! Thanks so much for the sweet comment!!! I can’t believe your oldest is 12 already – wow! Do you have a blog so that I can follow the goings-on of your family?@threadsofgrace – I think Izzy and Asher are very close in age! If you’re ever in FL, you’ll have to stop by so they can meet each other! @Jennifer Smith@facebook – Thanks, Jennifer! Couldn’t have done the pics without you!!!

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