Because I Can’t Contain the Excitement

I’m sitting in a hotel typing this entry into a Word document because I can’t use the internet without paying a fee. And I’m way too cheap to pay a fee for something I can have for free in 24 hours.

Let me just say I have received the best birthday gift ever. Now don’t start panicking because you missed my birthday (I know, I know, you were about to go buy me a present – stat!) because it was actually in April. But, what can I say, I like these things to last as long as possible, so I requested that my gift be going to this amazing conference I had heard about. So that’s where I am now.

The .mom Conference. I know, the name’s a little cheesy, but let me just tell you the main speakers, and your perspective will most likely change: Angela Thomas. Angie Smith. Vicki Courtney. Priscilla Shirer. (If your perspective didn’t change, that’s OK. But, I assure you, these women are worth hearing or reading.)

But the icing on the cake? Big Mama is one of the emcees.

(The other emcee is BooMama, also a very funny lady. I should probably read her blog, too!)

I’m here with my friend Meghan. God worked it out for us to come together, and although I was prepared to come by myself, I am so thankful that she is here! It’s been so great catching up with her, and she’s been a huge help with Egan. Yes, I brought Egan. He stays with his milk cow.

So has Day 1 of the conference been good? Let me just say this: Big Mama pointed me and Egan out from the stage*, and Big Mama and Priscilla Shirer have touched my baby! (Now I just need Angie Smith to touch him and he will be set for life!­)

Oh, and I might have learned something.

No, seriously, being around so many women of faith that are sharing the same journey as me has been amazing. I haven’t been able to take a lot of notes since I’ve been holding Egan, so I just typed everything I could remember from today into another Word document so that it wouldn’t all be lost forever.

I should probably sleep now since I’ll have some late night driving to do tomorrow night, but I wanted to share this with you while it was fresh on my mind.

Except I’m not really sharing this with you, but with a Word document that I will hopefully remember to copy and paste onto xanga.


If you’re totally jealous of all the fun I’m having, you might be interested in knowing that .mom is coming back next year!

*As in, Big Mama said something about the mom who had a baby in a sling, not as in she said, “Oh, hey, Kara and Egan!” Although that would have rocked.

::Real-Time Edit:: I never did get to meet Angie Smith, so she didn’t touch Egan. I figured it was for the best. Wouldn’t want to overwhelm him with all that amazingness. I also forgot to mention that the majority of the Duggars were on the conference stage Friday night. Yes. THE DUGGARS.


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