Our Summer Adventures: The Linkers Go to the Mountains

My parents must like us OK because they invited us to stay with them in a cabin at Vogel State Park the first week of August.

God bless them.

Seriously, they sure blessed us. After our crazy weekend at the beach by ourselves with the kids, we now know that we must have other adults with us to make a vacation a real vacation.

We had a great trip, and I’d love to type a lot more about it, but I think I will try to let the pictures sum it up.

And we’re off!

The van was packed just a little full!

Early morning PJ jam session with Gramma and her dulcimer.

The park had a lake with a man made beach, and I am now convinced that that is the way to go. The kids felt much more confident running around without the waves, which allowed us to not have to hold them so much.

A play ground within easy walking distance of the cabin! Only problem was there ended up being a bear between us and the cabin that we had to walk by to get back. Fortunately, we did not look tasty.

Josh was grill master a couple times. What can I say – he’s good at it!

My parents walked the kids around the lake while I was taking Zac and Kristy’s pictures and took my point and shoot with them.

More behind-the-scenes pictures of us shooting my monthly Egan portraits!

No trip to the mountains is complete without wading in a creek!

We went to an enormous model train exhibit.

Tiny plane crash.

The story is Grandma So-and-So wouldn’t sell her land to the stone quarry.

Thanks to Mom’s mad attraction finding skills, we found this…

A “Whimsical Fairy Garden” that the kids could play in for free!

You can also purchase one of these for your own home for approximately and arm and half a leg.

Josh and I took a date and walked around the lake one evening.

The platform to the upper falls was blocked off. Hmmmm…wonder why!

Not sure what this is supposed to be.

At the lower falls.

Family of five!

Decided it wasn’t possible to get a picture of Mom and Dad without having to edit a kid out. Haven’t done the editing yet.

They got progressively braver!

Aunt Heather stopped by for a visit!

Daddy took Ava on a quick paddle boat ride!

We figured out how to wear Egan out!

We had a great trip and are so thankful that my parents want to include us on their vacations. If anyone wants a relaxing get-away, I do recommend Vogel!

But don’t go if you can’t live without the internets. Our cabin had poor cell phone service, no wireless, and NO TV. Very refreshing. Although we may have celebrated our homecoming by watching five consecutive episodes of Friday Night Lights.


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