Our Summer Adventures – Edition I Have a Cold So I Need a Tissue, Anyway

When we moved here over 3 years ago and started to visit our current church, Pastor Don told me about a newly married couple in the church, Eric and Jackie, that I had not yet met. He especially emphasized that Jackie was in a graduate program in psychology, and the glimmer in his eye said, “You should be friends because your counseling degree so tells me you two have a lot in common.”

I, however, had serious doubts. I mean, why would an obviously extremely intelligent doctorate student want to have anything to do with a SAHM pregnant with baby #2? I wasn’t smart enough for that kind of friend!

Before I met Jackie, Josh met Eric, and basically said, “I really hope you like Jackie, because I like Eric, and he’s a Braves fan.”

The pressure was definitely on.

But Jackie and I did meet, and we did hit it off, and the rest, I guess, is history! Although we do have our differences (namely, that Jackie has a PhD, is Catholic, has a cat, and dresses fashionably,) we have a lot of similarities. We love dessert and don’t try to mask our passion for it behind a diet. We enjoy jogging and did a lot of jogging together until Jackie had a serious knee problem. We love reading and had our own informal 2 person book club while reading through The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants series. We love children. We love monkeys (OK, so that one is really just Jackie.) We like watching dancing shows on TV. We like sitting by the pool but don’t necessarily care for getting wet. We love Jesus. Oh, and did I mention dessert? Because we totally love dessert!

Jackie and Eric don’t (yet!) have children, so it would be totally understandable if they chose to hang out with other couples like them and just wave at us at church services. But that’s not what they did. They invested in our lives, and our children’s lives. They had us over to dinner, armed with a movie and colored pencils for the kids. They came over to our house and didn’t complain about tripping over toys or the mountains of dishes that were always in my sink. They came to my kids’ birthday parties. They babysat.

It was Eric and Jackie who chose to be in a car with us for 8 hours in one day so that we could go to a Braves Spring Training game together. It was Eric and Jackie who came to my apartment at 5:30 AM so that I could go to the hospital and have a baby.

Jackie made it a point to hang out with me. We ran together and caught up a couple times a week, and once we had to stop running, Jackie made sure we would “go walking” at least once a week. She is probably the best listener I know.

(I must interject, here, that Eric was also an awesome friend for Josh, but I’ll let him blog about that. )

Apparently, after you get a PhD, you’re supposed to move away from your university and get a job. (I know, who knew??) Eric and Jackie have had a great opportunity at [Undisclosed] University (Yes – I am an impenetrable wall of security!) to do what they love and get paid for doing it. Unfortunately for us, that means that they are now 4 hours away, which makes shopping together a little more difficult.

We are so happy for them, but at the same time, so sad for ourselves. Seriously, we know that God is going to do great things for them and look forward to hearing about their future, but we are sad to see them go.

Finally, after the longest intro EVER, here are the pictures from the last time we got to hang out with Eric and Jackie. They came over for dinner the day before their move.

The kids painting going away presents.

I’ve never heard Jackie complain about holding a baby!

Roasting marshmellows!

I was very impressed that she could hold a baby and eat s’mores at the same time!

Jackie and her dad – roasting marshmellows was a bigger hit than anticipated!

Eric and Josh’s experiment since their chocolate wasn’t melting quite enough for their tastes. I think Eric was wishing he could write another dissertation so he could do it on this project!

Izzy explaining IN DETAIL his painting.

I had to get a picture of all of us together!!!

**sniff** **slurp** What, I still haven’t wrapped this up?

**gulp** OK.

We are missing The Drs. Coyle like crazy and may be putting more miles on our van in the near future.

They are, after all, near an [undisclosed] beach.


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