5th Birthday Party* Pictures and Unrelated Bullets

*I use the term “party” loosely. It was more like I e-mailed people a couple days beforehand to see if they wanted to come to dinner on Ava’s birthday, and then I planned some games for the kids while Ava was at preschool that day.

The extent of Ava’s birthday decor. I think I’m going to color the letters in darker and save the “Happy Birthday” portion for photo shoots.

~ Egan, in his determination to have a different babyhood than his preceeding siblings, is close to crawling! (A & I both didn’t crawl till about 10 months.) He is already getting up on his hands and knees and rocking back and forth. I have yet to get a picture of it, but he does it all the time, I promise!

Freckles Party Game!

~ Egan is also eating homemade baby food! So far I’ve made carrots, butternut squash, and sweet potato. And yes, I freeze it in ice cube trays. Someday (after I have more food in my repertoire!), I’d like to do a blog post about baby food for anyone who is interested. I’ve been using Baby Let’s Eat as a general guide, but I haven’t tried anything complicated yet!

~ Josh and I finished watcing Friday Night Lights, start to finish. Yes, there is a review blog entry in my future! (With both the Braves season and FNL being over, I’m not sure what’s going to be on the tube after the kids go to bed!)

Izzy thought Isabel’s feet needed freckles!

~ I’ve been able to resume jogging with my friend Liz after a 9 month-ish break for her to have her twins! It’s awfully nice since my motivation to run by myself is…little to none.

Didn’t want the little ones to feel left out!

~ Cynthia has started a “Mommies’ Group” that meets two Thursday mornings a month. It’s nice to get together with other moms (something I’ve been wanting to do for three years!) and it’s really nice that it’s on Thursdays when Ava’s in preschool!

~ Speaking of preschool, it’s going great. Ava brought home sight words. SIGHT WORDS. That means my baby’s starting to read!

~ Izzy is addicted to the Backyardigans. I’m totally serious, I think he needs an intervention. He asks to watch them about once every half hour. The kids usually get to watch a couple episodes in the evenings (thanks, Netflix!), but he asks for them all. day. long.

Donut Party Game!

~ We’re kind of stuck in the potty training. Izzy is diaper free during the day, but he is still having poop issues. He goes through cycles of being constipated, pooping in his night time diaper, pooping in the potty, and having accidents. I am ready to get through this part of parenting this particular child, please and thank you. (And yes, he will be embarrassed if he ever finds this. I’ll just tell him I wouldn’t have had to write it if he had pooped in the potty to begin with. )

~ On a positive note, Izzy is eating a lot more flexibly now! He still prefers his peanut butter graham cracker sandwiches, but it is much easier to get him to take a bite or two of other things. On Saturday, he ate a biscuit AND ramen noodles. Two new things in one day. I was shocked!

~ I was so excited about the “brick pole” in my last post, I forgot to give credit where credit was due! I’ve only known Michelle for about a month, but she was totally game for me bringing Ava for pics with her awesome horse, Dublin! Dublin is a retired police horse, ergo perfect for little kids to be around! And Michelle was so nice to take time out of her busy schedule to help us with the horse – because Kara is not exactly a horse whisperer. (And thanks to Tally Ho, the goat, for being scared of me and not getting anywhere near me! I think I was more worried about the goat than the horse!)

Bobbing for apples. Yes, we went there!

~ After taking a year off from leading a small group, I now have the privilege of facilitating a ladies’ group on Sunday nights. I know, I’m amazed that anyone would want to listen to me for an hour and a half, too! I try to encourage mucho discussion so that I’m not the only one talking…and at least everyone has dessert at the end to look forward to.

The dinosaur that Izzy and Egan gave Ava.


2 thoughts on “5th Birthday Party* Pictures and Unrelated Bullets

  1. My 5 year old son just had a party too! Pirate themed. We are not allowed to send invites to school anymore and I really didn’t want 7 boys running around my house so we invited a few kids from church and they had a blast. So cute!

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