And Now it is Time to Talk about Pumpkin-y Things.

I have SO MANY pumpkin and fall related pictures, there’s no way I could put them all in one post. You would be yelling “Stop! Stop! I CAN’T TAKE ANY MORE ORANGE!” So we will stick with the first shoot I did at the pumpkin patch for now. It was our mommiess group meeting and I took pictures of all the babies. ‘Cuz taking pics is my fave. I will stick with pictures that only involve my kids for now, but hopefully I can put a post up on my photography blog soon that is a little more comprehensive.

Group picture! Those are Emma’s favorite.

I really feel like October has been a month of grace for us. Last October was the most insane month ever, and this one has been really calm. I think we actually had two weekends in which we had no plans. This is the first time that that has happened…in years! November and December will be a lot busier. But I can cling to the memories of October.

So the rest of this post is going to be about photography.

When I first started “getting into” photography, I thought weddings were my thing. Now that I have some experience, I know that I enjoy aspects of shooting weddings, but they are not “my thing.” Portraits are.

The last wedding I am contracted to shoot is in December. I’m not saying that I refuse to shoot weddings after that, but right now I have no plans for weddings next year. Maybe after I’m done nursing Egan and have Izzy in preschool I’ll be more interested in advertising for weddings. But maybe not.

I prefer for potential clients to contact me because they heard about me from other clients, anyway. Craigslist was wonderful for getting started, but I feel a little more secure when I have a mutual friend with someone. And maintaining Craigslist ads is a pain.

I am interested in doing more with portraits (families and babies and grads, yes please!), but I feel like I need to get through with all of my wedding editing before I can pursue that further. (As in, I’m doing portraits for people I know right now, but I’m not doing any advertising for it.) Portraits allow me to be creative. They are more flexible. (Raining? We just reschedule!) I feel less limited by my limited equipment when shooting portraits. I am able to offer an excellent price and I don’t feel obligated to offer print packages. I get to watch families grow and feel like I am sort of a part of them when they call me multiple times. And (best of all), they require much less editing time, which allows me to get pictures back to people much faster, and I don’t get burnt out while editing individual shoots.

I used to be scared of taking pictures of children, which is one of the biggest reasons why I wanted to shoot weddings. But, as I’ve gained experience, it’s not nearly as scary to me. I’m gradually learning the tips and tricks necessary. (Except I still don’t know how on earth people prop a sleeping newborn up on her elbows…a demonstration, please???)

Izzy and Emma have a special bond. I wish I had a camera earlier today when they were holding hands going into a store. Tiff and I about melted into puddles on the sidewalk.

Oh, and speaking of print packages, did you know I have a bride whose wedding was over A YEAR ago who has still not sent me her list of prints??? Because I do.

Egan and his friend Annabel.

The plus side of weddings is I’ve had the opportunity for the last wedding that I shot to have my pictures featured in a magazine! (Well, I mean, really it was more like the bride has an opportunity for pictures of her wedding to be featured in a magazine, but Jim and I are the ones who took them, so we get credited!) (And no, it’s not like a major national magazine, but it’s a statewide one…I’m hoping that there will be some sort of on-line version so I can have a linky to my claim to fame.) At first I didn’t think it was that big of a deal, but when I put the CD in its official-looking manila envelope, I realized that this is probably the only time my work will be featured in a magazine. And that is sort of, almost a big deal. Kind of. Maybe.

Izzy, Aurora, and Jack

My photography has definitely gotten higher maintenance. As in, I’m using props (something I thought I’d never do!) And I created a baby studio out of bulletin boards and fabric. I even bought a couple headbands and a picture fram and a consignment sale a couple weeks ago for the sole purpose of using them for photography. It’s kind of like a sickness.

I have so much more to learn about taking pictures. I don’t like calling myself a professional. If the fact that people (sometimes) pay me for pictures makes me a professional, in that sense, I guess I am. But I don’t want people to think that I think that I know everything about photos. Because I don’t. I’ve just barely tapped into the knowledge that there is. (When people ask me if I’m a photographer, I say, “I do a little free-lance.” I feel like that is a safe answer.)

Take a break while you can, because more pumpkin photos are on their way!!!


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