Pumpkins: Part III

OK, so you’ve seen all our trips to the pumpkin patch…now it’s time to see what we did with the pumpkins! I kind of went overboard on purchasing pumpkins this year…resulting from taking two trips to the patch and having more cash on my person than I typically would (read: not more money, just more cash). I’m not beating myself up about that because all the proceeds go to missions. So it’s like an offering with some decorative gourds as a nice bonus!

It took me about 3 weeks to decorate and arrange all our pumpkins. But here’s kind of how things went down:

First, the kids painted the two medium sized pumpkins. Yes, it is preferable for Izzy to paint naked.

Ava’s finished pumpkin.

Izzy’s finished pumpkin. He painted a recognizable face and I was so proud, but then he – er – embellished a little, making the face harder to see!

A week or two later, I embellished the tiny pumpkins with letter stickers (a Target Dollar Spot splurge!) so that there was a pumpkin for each family member.

I did this while sitting outside Starbucks with some girlfriends! Multi-tasking at its finest!

Then, a week after that when I had a burst of energy, I decorated the big pumpkin.

Yes, those are thumb tacks. And yes, the idea came from Pinterest. You’re welcome.

Finally, instead of lining up all the pumpkins haph-hazardly like originally planned, I took advantage of another burst of energy to arrange some loose bricks to create a sort of display.

(The “Welcome” sign and scarecrow were also dollar store splurges.)

The display is in the carport/garage and not on the front porch. I wasn’t sure which would be best; the front porch is much prettier and people **might** notice the pumpkins from the road, whereas you have to actually walk/drive into the garage to see them there. I opted for the garage because I don’t ever use my front porch (and our guests don’t, either,) and I figured nobody would care more about seeing my pumpkins than me.

For the past few years, I have put out pumpkins a week or two before Halloween and leave them there until after Thanksgiving. (Another advantage to “not celebrating” Halloween is fall decorations can be kept out longer than the spooky Halloween decorations!) Alright, so that’s the fall decor story at our house! What’s yours?


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