Because There Are Random Pictures to Be Shared

Yep, it’s that time again! There are photos uploaded to photobucket that I want to share that don’t really fall into a specific category. So here it is: a random pics; random and unrelated bullet point post.

My baby still loves the swings!

~ We just took a little pre-Thanksgiving trip to Mississippi to visit with my grandparents. We don’t get to see them nearly enough. All of my great-grandparents died before I was born, so I think that it is wonderful that my kids have so many great-grandparents still alive and healthy that they are able to spend time with. My Granddad is 95 and it’s always a treat to spend time with him and my grandmother, and to see my kids developing a relationship with them that is so priceless!

My oldest baby showing more and more athletic prowess!

~The kids were SO GOOD on the trip. They spent about 14 hours in the car over the course of 3 days, and they did GREAT. That was a huge blessing!

~ Josh has taken the entire week of Thanksgiving off for a few years now. We have a little tradition of making the first half of the week a “staycation.” It’s glorious! But I have a great husband – he spent a lot of his day off working on things around the house without being asked!

The cupcakes I sent to Ava’s preschool on her birthday, thanks to Pinterest! I’m liking this concept of using candy to decorate cakes/cupcakes, because I sure don’t have the skills to draw with decorator icing!

~ I had a gross cold last week. As in, it didn’t really keep me in bed, but I had a constant feeling of “blah” and went through all the lovely stages of mucus expulsion.

Lots of little owls ready to go!

~ Speaking of illnesses, Josh had an eye infection a couple weeks ago. His eye was swollen shut and it looked like he had been in a fight. The doctor said it was conjunctivitis and gave him a drop, but we are putting our money on a sty or an allergic reaction since he was the only one it affected and it didn’t look like pink eye at all. I guess this is just the time of year that one of us is going to be sick in some form or another.

This is what Izzy gets to do while Ava’s in ballet class!

~ So what’s everybody cooking for Thanksgiving??? We have the opportunity to do something fun Thursday morning that will keep me from being able to cook on Thursday, so I’m doing all my cooking tomorrow. Or I should say baking, as the time constraint allows me to handle the fun part of the meal: bread and dessert!

I FINALLY snagged a pic of Egan up on all 4s!

~ This also means that my annual pie pumpkin cutting/cooking/purreeing will take place tomorrow. Fun times!

~ In much less pivotal news, what did you think of the Dancing with the Stars finale? I’ve decided that they must have changed the rules of the Free Style because the Free Styles are not nearly as cool as I remember them being. Although I did like JR’s this time.

A rare brotherly moment!

~ Egan has developed this belly flop style crawl that neither of my previous babies ever did. He gets up on all 4s and then dives in the direction he wants to go, belly first. I think it’s painful, but he’s getting across the room that way!

~ Egan’s also been pretty clingy to me for the past few weeks, which seems to be a change in his personality. Who knows, maybe teething?

Egan found a good read!

~ We played Candy Land with the kids tonight, and it was actually fun! It’s the first time we’ve played that Izzy’s been able to grasp the concepts. Just another reminder that our boy is growing up!

I thought you might need some proof that Izzy does wear pants on occassion!

~ I’m not ready to celebrate Christmas at all yet, but we are working on making our lists so that we will be prepared when December hits. I’m thinking about doing an official 25 Days of Christmas thing this year using one of the myriads of DIY Advent Calendar ideas I’m seeing on Pinterest, but I haven’t decided on which one to go with or what exactly the 25 Days would be. And there’s only like a week before I’ll need it – yikes!

Ava all ready for “Cowboy Day,” her preschool’s alternative to Halloween. (Yes, me like-y the alternative. )

~ Izzy is a world-class hugger. Seriously, you should get a hug from him. They’re amazing.

Josh’s step-dad passed on a 4 wheeler to us, and Josh spent a couple days getting it to run. Once it was running, he, of course, had to take the kids for a spin around the yard. A very nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

~ I’m hoping to teach Ava a simple Christmas song on the piano. Any suggestions?


2 thoughts on “Because There Are Random Pictures to Be Shared

  1. We made the same cupcakes for Ellie’s Birthday treat at school! The theme in her Kindergarten class this year is Mrs. Otto’s owls so it went over very well!!

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