Thanksgiving Catch-Up

I know I’m blogging two weeks behind…but think of what an improvement that is from this summer!

We had a great Thanksgiving! It started the Tuesday before at Stone Soup Day for Ava’s preschool. The director of Ava’s preschool discovered that it’s a lot easier to have each child bring a can of vegetables and make “stone soup” than to try to make an authentic Thanksgiving feast for all the preschoolers and their parents.

Plus I think that there’s a story involving the Indians teaching the Pilgrims to share by making Stone Soup. I always thought it was a couple pigs teaching an inhospitable town, but I won’t split hairs over that one.

So the children sang us some lovely turkey-related songs…

I think Isabel was the alien pilgrim. Sorry, Tiff!

And it was off to eat our soup and sandwiches!

I bet the pilgrims wished they could have had peanut butter and jelly!

We spent the day before Thanksgiving baking. Or I did. Josh entertained the kids and cleaned the house. Which is much appreciated, by the way! Then, Thanksgiving morning, we got up at aroun 5:00 AM. Yep, pretty much the craziest thing we’ve done all year. But there is a road race in town every year on Thanksgiving morning in the same neighborhood that our church meets, and this year, our church pitched in by handing out water bottles to the runners.

Josh spent his morning purchasing over 200 pounds of ice and lugging countless enormous bottles full of water from Point A to Point B. I spent my morning keeping up with the kids, except for the approximate 31.5 minutes I spent running the 5K.

Yep, I ran my first 5K since I had Egan! And probably the “biggest” race I’ve ever ran, too…there were over 4,000 runners! It’s genious, really…run a 5K Thanksgiving morning, and then pig out guilt-free later.

The kids spent their morning handing out bottles of water to whatever runner was empathetic enough to take it from them.

After our morning of fun, we stopped at McDonalds* for some sustenance to get us through until dinner. Then we headed to Josh’s family’s for a wonderful Thanksgiving feast. As you can see, I failed to take pictures throughout the day, but I made a feeble attempt at the end to make up for it.

We always have to take pics with Aunt Kristy since we don’t see her often!

Our Thanksgiving craft!

On Black Friday, Josh and I took a little shopping date, which is very unusual for us. (Don’t worry, we didn’t get up early!) We also got to pay a little visit to our friend Amy, who happened to be in the hospital working on having a baby! I told her it was very thoughtful of her to go into labor on a day we would be close by.

Before we left town on Saturda, we helped my mom decorate for Christmas. She claims that that is the only way her house will get decorated. I guess that’s a perk to being a grandparent!

Oh, and we made one more stop at Josh’s family’s house for some outdoor fun.

So now the blog is caught up, which is good, as I am ready to blog about Christmas-sy things!

*I know that some people have issues with people who open their businesses on Thanksgiving Day, and they refuse to give them business on that day. I’m guessing that the idea behind that is that if no one comes, then they won’t see the point on being open the next year. So, yes, in the long run, the “boycott” might have good results. But here’s the way I see it. I’ve worked retail before. On the “slow” days when I would have no customers, I felt like my job was pointless. I think that going into a restaurant/store and being respectful and friendly to the employees is a lot better for them than if no one came in at all. And who can run a 5K without getting a cheeseburger afterwards?!


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