Egan’s 7 Month Pics

So, if you haven’t guessed, I was about to order photo-related Christmas presents and realized I needed to edit Egan’s monthly shoots so that I could order them! Therefore, there will be a lot of Egan featured on this blog for a while. Which is good if you really like baby pictures. If you don’t, I apologize in advance.

OK, you may recognize that this is the shoot that I featured Ava’s behind-the-scenes photo of in a Not Me! Monday post.

The story behind the pictures in the bathroom: the vast majority of my house has terrible lighting. The house was built when dark wood paneling was the cool thing to have. Wood paneling sucks the light right out of a building. The darkness in this house is definitely my least favorite part about it. The only rooms that have lighter walls are the bathrooms and Ava’s bedroom. The kids’ bathroom has the best light in the house.

So I thought it would be fun to use the mirror for a shoot! We did this while Izzy was napping, and to occupy Ava she shot with my point and shoot.

So, here we are with a whimsical…bathroom…shoot!

I must credit the adorable hat to Cynthia’s mom, Judy. For whatever reason, she has taken it upon herself to crochet some props for me, and I LOVE them!!!

Of course, I was not sure how the bathroom pics would turn out, so after Ava laid down for HER nap, I snuck outside and snagged some more!

Yes, this black tote was a wedding gift 6 1/2 years ago. And yes, that is the plastic ring that was holding the tag on. It remains, sort of as a symbol of how things in my life usually go.

OK, I’m out of witty comments. Enjoy the rest of the pictures.


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