8 Month Pics and Christmas Ramblings

I know, I know – I’ve been on baby picture overload this week! I don’t think I need to explain Egan’s 8 month shoot – it was close to Thanksgiving and I think it speaks for itself!

~ Hosting a Christmasesque baby shower for my friend Melanie tonight! Thanks to Tiff coming over and helping me get ready, I can take 20 minutes to eat lunch and blog! Thanks, Tiff!!!

~ As much planning as I put into December, I feel like our Christmas season is off to a slow start. We finally finished decorating the house on the inside AND outside this past weekend. Josh and I got to take a date without the big kids (thanks again, Tiff!) so that we could shop for them, and we’ve done all of our online shopping…but I still have shopping to do for other people’s gifts. Not to mention my food gifts that I mail out? I HAVEN’T MADE A THING!

~ I blame all of this on the fact that I’m shooting a wedding on Saturday. Work before pleasure, right?

~ I got a delightful little e-mail from Snapfish letting me know that they were running two weeks behind in getting prints in the mail. Did anyone else get this lovely e-mail? Which means that our cards might be a little late getting out this year, anyway. Just want to spread the Christmas cheer out a little longer, folks!

~ We’re discovering Christmas is a lot more fun when two of your kids are old enough to understand it. Izzy and Ava feed off of each other and, oh, the excitement!

~ We are doing what I’m calling “A Reverse Advent Calendar” this year. I really liked the idea of having a calendar with an activity for them to do each day, but I was stressing out because, I mean, HOW DO I KNOW AHEAD OF TIME WHAT WE WILL BE ABLE TO DO EACH DAY?! Thus, the reverse Advent calendar was born. Every day, we flip over the date, and write what Christmas-y thing we did that day. I’m sure a picture would help illustrate the concept. But trust me, it’s a lot easier on me to not have to commit to doing a particular activity on a particular day.

~ If you’re looking for a good, cheap, easy, fast addition to your outside (or inside!) decor, I recommend this milk jug snowman from Pinterest. I wanted something to decorate around the garage door with, and this little guy is just right for it! I would have done more than one, but alas, the recycling had been emptied recently.

~ I think this is going to be a light December when it comes to cooking fancy meals. I’m also copping out of baking by doing pretzel themed mailable gifts. Chocolate covered pretzels, m&m and hershey kiss pretzels, Rolos and pecan pretzels. (Sorry for the spoiler if you’re getting our mailable gifts!) But, FEAR NOT, I have breastmilke bags full of pumpkin purree in my freezer, and I WILL FIND A WAY TO USE THEM!

~ Oh, and one more super important thing, while I’m thinking about it. I’ve only found Wal-Mart in town that carries the Caffeine Free Dr. Pepper. Let me know if you need the hook up!


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