LET THE FESTIVITIES BEGIN (Alternatively Titled: My Christmas Card Pictures Have Yet to Arrive)

OK, so I have informally interviewed several people on this subject, so I know it’s not just me. (“Informally interviewed” meaning that we may have mentioned it over a chocolate covered pretzel while our kids ran circles around us screaming. Or I may have seen it on your blog. Or I overheard you telling someone else about it at a Christmas party. In case you were wondering.) ANYWAY, I have really struggled to “get myself together” and “get into the spirit” for Christmas this year.

I had incredible intentions. I made numerous lists. I had the month planned out so that the work was spread out so that I wouldn’t have crazy stress. But here I am, it’s December 21st, and MY CHRISTMAS CARD PICTURES HAVE NOT YET ARRIVED! Yes, generally I mail out my cards a good week before Christmas to ensure that everyone has received them before the big day. But it’s looking like, best case scenario, the cards won’t go out this year until the 23rd (provided the pictures come tomorrow,) which means that people probably won’t receive them until the 27th due to the mail not running on the 26th. So, I know that you’re going to have had your fill of all things Christmas related by the 27th (or the 28th, or the 29th…) but I hope that you have room in your heart to receive one more picture of a happy family decked out in their Christmas attire.

I know it sounds crazy to be so worried about Christmas cards, but to me it’s sort of a symbol of how this December has gone. Things just haven’t quite come together. It’s enough to make me want to wave a white flag at Christmas. I surrender. Maybe I’ll try again next year.

But NO. This is the only Christmas Ava will have as a 5 year old…Izzy will have as a 3 year old…Egan will have as a baby. It’s time to put my game merry face on and help my kids make some memories. It’s time to enjoy being a family during the holidays, even if things aren’t going as planned. Maybe having plans messed up is God’s way of reminding us that that’s not what Christmas is all about, anyway.

If you need me, I’ll be peeling potatoes…and possibly watching Charlie Brown.


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