…this would have made more sense yesterday…but Merry Christmas!

I had good intentions to do all my Christmas posting before and on Christmas.

I will pause until you stop laughing.

ANYWAY, I wanted to share Egan’s 9 month pictures on **cough** or apparently directly after **cough** Christmas as they are decidedly festive in theme.

Recognize this sweater? That would be because Ava wore it for her first Christmas. No, Izzy did not – I temporarily lost it between babies. Yes, my mother made it!

We had a great Christmas! We got the party started, literally, on Tuesday when we hosted our 2nd annual finger food/dirty Santa/super casual Christmas party. Lauren came down for the party, and it was a huge blessing to have extra hands for holding babies and taking pictures! She stayed with us until the next day, and helped jump start my Christmas wrapping while Ava went to her Christmas party at preschool. We also hung out with the Millers for a little on Wednesday and exchanged our gifts with them (Ava was so excited to pick out gifts for her friends at the Dollar Tree this year!). Thursday night we went to a Christmas soiree that someone else was hosting. I also finished my portion of the present wrapping on Thursday. Finished. It.

Josh had Friday off, so we chose that day to give our birthday gift to Jesus. This is the second year that we’ve visited a local nursing home to try to spread a little joy as a family. Although this is something that’s awkward for our kids, and truth be told, for Josh and I, too, we know it’s important to force ourselves out of our comfort zones for this – we want a missions lifestyle to come more naturally to our kids than it does for us. I think that this year’s visit turned out really well – we went from room to room passing out candle holders the kids had made (with flameless tea lights, of course!) and we sang “Jingle Bells” in each room. It was pretty cool – I think every person “sang” along with the song, even the people who were really hard of hearing!

Friday night we hung out with the Harrells for chili and Cynthia’s cranberry bombe – a tradition we’ve had on Christmas Eve ever since we moved here. Except this year we chose to do it on Christmas Eve’s Eve because that seemed more conducive to staying up late playing Phase 10 while the kids had a Netflix “Fraggle Rock” marathon.

I was pretty excited on Christmas Eve that I had finished 98% of my major Christmas projects. But then I realized that, in working on said projects, I had neglected, you know, my normal chores. So the laundry marathon began. The kids and I also made MckMama’s caramel chocolate toffee bars (a recipe I remember making as a kid!) and pumpkin bread for last minute gifts. Saturday evening we attended a low-key dinner and Christmas Eve service at our pastor’s house.

We had strategically planned out Christmas Day so that we would stay on a schedule without feeling rushed. First, Josh and I got up and packed. Then the kids got up and we opened presents for/from each other. Than we loaded up the truck and headed to a church service in town (our church was not able to have a service since we meet in an elementary school and no one was available to open the school for us on Christmas). Then we stopped for some sustenance at the only open McDonalds we could find. Then we made the 2 hour trip to Josh’s parents house and had Christmas and Christmas dinner with his family. Then we came to my parents’ house to spend the night. We made today our Christmas day with them. I’m currently sitting in their living room while Josh and my dad watch the Falcons play. We’ll head back home tomorrow and Josh will go back to work on Wednesday. It looks like I’m going to need to spend the rest of the week cleaning, organizing, and purging to make room for the blessings we have received this weekend!

OK – so no one was needing all of those details! BUT, from my house to yours: Merry Christmas!

A day late!

Oh, and for those of you who are on Christmas Card Picture Watch 2011, they finally came in on Friday! Josh was super card stuffer and managed to get the cards to the post office before the final pick-up on Friday, so people should just be getting their cards a little after Christmas instead of a lot! Remind me to order them earlier next year!


One thought on “…this would have made more sense yesterday…but Merry Christmas!

  1. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas! After reading all these Christas posts I’ve realized that I never posted about ours, lol. It has been spread out over two weeks so I guess it’s been so relaxed it didn’t feel like crazy Christmas. I like all your pictures, but my favorite is the one of Egan on the wooden bench looking up, it’s adorable!

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