A Christmas Baby Shower! (Alternatively Titled: Someone Should Really Teach Kara How Photograph!)

OK, so my friend Melanie is having a baby in January. A couple months ago I realized that, although it is not going to be a Christmas baby, the timing of her pregnancy would be perfect for a Christmas themed baby shower! So a few weeks ago, our mommies’ group got together for said shower!

Tiffany came over and helped me with the preparations, which was really, really awesome of her! She helped me make this jingle bell and baby spoon mobile:

And these cupcakes:

Yes, the cupcake idea came from Pinterest. And yes, the Dollar Tree does have pacifiers 2 for a dollar. You’re welcome.

I also have to give a big shout out to Josh, who not only took three kids to see Christmas lights so that we could party, but also worked hard to make a special decoration with the baby’s name:

Of course, it wasn’t the best idea for a party decoration since we were inside and the name can really only be seen when it’s very dark, but I like to think it could be rigged as a night light for the nursery or something.

In my head, this whole party was planned around some mini-Christmas trees with baby things hanging off them. However, the Dollar Tree failed me this year by not having the little trees that they had last year. So I settled for some silk poinsetta bouquets with baby wash cloth rosettes tucked into them.

And I don’t have pictures of those, because my confession is I completely failed as a photographer at this party. Not only did I fail to photograph all of the decor, but I completely failed to photograph any of the adult guests, including Melanie. We would typically get at least a group picture at this kind of event, but did I? Nope. Someone should really teach me how to be a photographer! But I promise that Melanie did come and receive presents, and we did eat and exchange all of our birthing horror stories, as is our baby shower tradition. So, I will leave you with the few pictures that I did manage to snap…

Mary An’s very Pinteresting Christmas veggie tray…

…and Egan with the twins.

HOWEVER, despite my lack of photographic evidence, we are super excited for Melanie and Brad and anxiously waiting for Will to arrive!


One thought on “A Christmas Baby Shower! (Alternatively Titled: Someone Should Really Teach Kara How Photograph!)

  1. This was a cute idea. I loved the veggie tray. What is it with Pinterest, anyway? I have made more stuff than I usually do thanks to that site.

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