Just when you thought the blog couldn’t get more epic…

I introduce VIDEOS.

Well, videO. The other one wouldn’t upload.

As you watch the above 13ish seconds of awesomeness, I’d like you to note:

A) I’m a photographer, not a videographer, for a reason.

B) This must have been shot before noon since Ava’s hair is not pulled back and Izzy doesn’t have any pants.

C) Although it sounds like I am trying to force my kids into doing push-ups, they actually enjoy doing them. Of course, the main objective of the video was to show how hilarious it is when Izzy does a series of consecutive push-ups, which he decided he did not how to do. It’s a shame, really. So just imagine him repeating this performance about five times in a row and you’ll get the idea of what it’s like when Izzy does push-ups.

So many sweet people have asked about Egan, so I am happy to be able to say he’s gained 6 oz in the last 3 weeks! We are going to go ahead and get some precautionary bloodwork done, but there doesn’t seem to be anything to be concerned about at this point. Thank you so much for caring!


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