Horsing Around

My friend, Michelle, who was kind enough to let me use her horse Dublin for Ava’s 5 year pictures, saw on my blog that I needed a desk and offered one that she had and didn’t need! While we were picking up the desk, we let the kids visit with Dublin and do a little more riding. The perfect thing for a sunny Saturday in January!

We enjoyed having Josh home for a long-weekend. MLK is one of those delightful sneaky holidays…you know, a holiday that you forget about until it arrives so you don’t have time to fill it up with exhausting activities!

Josh spent his holiday working overtime around the house, though! Along with doing all sorts of helpful things, he built an attic over the dog’s pin in the garage. It looks pretty sharp, too!

Egan has learned a new “game” where he tries to flip onto his belly constantly while I change his diaper. He laughs hysterically when I flip him back over and it’s super cute…but seriously, this has got to stop! It’s taking me forever to change his diaper!

I think I’ve picked a theme for Egan’s first birthday party: Ties! (I know, that’s super creative and revolutionary and all that.) But I could use some help with the wording on the invitation; I found out through my surfing on the internets that “necktie party” is actually referring to an illegal hanging, and although I doubt a lot of people nowadays actually know that, now that I know, I can’t possibly use that wording! I also really don’t want it to be specifically necktie so that people can wear/I can decorate with bow ties as well. So what would be a very brief and more exciting way to say, “This is a tie themed party and you need to wear a tie, too.” ???

So I apologize to my Pinterest followers for the flood of tie related pins, but they can be used for Father’s Day, too, if that’s any consolation.

It’s been a little rough getting back into jogging after the holidays. I think I’m going to keep expectations for myself pretty low while session is happening (as in, jogging 2-3 days a week is efficient) and then start training for a 10K after session is over. We kind of go into “survival mode” during session.

Izzy has always been pretty self-entertained. Well, until now. I don’t know if it’s because he’s older and needs more stimulation, or if he misses his sister on preschool days, or if he’s jealous of the attention that Egan gets, or maybe a combination of all of that, but he gets bored a lot more easily that he used to. I need to come up with some easy things to occupy him with to keep him from laying on the couch pining after The Backyardigans…which he seems to think he can watch even though I’ve told him 4,583 times that we don’t watch TV during the day!

I don’t typically get inspiration from country music, but this song has become my “night-night” song for my boys. So perfect for the stage of life we’re in!

I’ve put off grocery shopping so much this month, today I pulled a “surprise dinner” out of the freezer. (Read: something I cooked and froze its leftovers months ago but was too lazy to label it.) Turned out to be beef stew – yum! But I should really go grocery shopping.

OK, so maybe the next blog post will have a little more of a point. Maybe.


One thought on “Horsing Around

  1. So glad your blog was used for good! Getting free stuff from the blog is pretty awesome. Especially when you need it. I loved your story about the surprise dinner. What a great idea, especially when you are busy/running low on groceries etc. I have a couple things that I need to use up in my fridge very soon!

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