Worth the Splurge: Baby Edition

ElizabethMarie did a post on items that she finds “Worth the Splurge,” and I thought that that topic is right down my alley! I am typically a store brand shopper all the way. Even if it only saves 10 cents, I’m going to buy the store brand instead of the name brand! I also buy almost everything at Wal-Mart and the Dollar Tree because, well, they almost always have better prices than any other store! I also don’t have the time or energy for comparison shopping, so if Wal-Mart doesn’t have it, I usually count it as a loss and move on.

So, when I started to think about the items that I think are “worth the splurge,” or worth spending a little more on or spending more time to find…all I could think of was baby related stuff! So today’s list is Worth the Splurge: Baby Edition.

So what do I think is worth a little splurge for our little ones?

1. Gilligan & O’Malley Nursing Camis (from Target)
When I was nursing Izzy, I had all sorts of wardrobe malfunctions. In a nursing bra and a low cut nursing top, I’d have cleavage issues and keeping the bra covered up was impossible. The camisoles that I had were too short for my long torso, so I could only pair them with really long shirts or dresses. I picked up a couple of these nursing camis after I had Egan, and then I picked up another one…and another one…because they are great! They are nice and long AND they’re not low cut! They are also the best price by far that I’ve seen on a good quality nursing top. So, although $17 is more than I would typically pay for a camisole, I deem these Worth the Splurge!

2. Medela Swing single breast pump
It wouldn’t take anybody long to figure out that I’m not that huge on pumping. I use it to establish my milk supply and get some emergency milk into the freezer…and then I let it peter off as it is much easier to put the baby right to the source! But my mom purchased the Swing for me right after I had Izzy, and I am so thankful to have it in my arsenal. Although I don’t know if it would be the best choice for someone who is having to pump at work since it can only do one side at a time, I think it’s quite optimal for a mom who is only needing it to bring in the milk supply, or someone who is just pumping once a day/on occasion. It’s tiny, which is a huge plus, and still has all the power that Medela pumps are famous for!

3. Nursing Undercover nursing cover
OK, one more nursing related product, and then I’ll move on! We purchased my nursing cover before I had Izzy, and I would venture to say that this is the baby item that has seen more use than any other baby item we own! I like this cover because it loops around the neck, not the shoulders, and there is boning in the neckline, which makes it possible to see the baby. There are also A LOT of different beautiful fabrics to choose from, and you can get bags and burp cloths to match if you want. The customer service is top notch, too! (Here’s a hint: sometimes this company will do e-bay auctions, so you can get the covers even cheaper on e-bay than on the website!)

4. Sleepy Wrap baby carrier
I guess nothing makes my hippie personality stand our more than my use of the baby wrap. But that’s fine with me, because it is SO much more comfortable than the backpack style baby carriers, and so much easier than the stroller on uneven ground! The wrap is designed to distribute a baby’s weight over your whole back, which prevents the sore shoulders I’ve had with other carriers. I prefer the Sleepy Wrap over the Moby Wrap because the Sleepy Wrap is stretchy, so you can fit it to yourself instead of having to leave a space for the baby when you’re tying it on. (Note: I can’t seem to find Sleepy Wrap’s direct website, but it looks like the Boba Wrap is the same thing – maybe they bought out Sleepy Wrap?)

5. Bummis prefold diapers
OK, so I know that not many people will be interested in this one, but I’ve tried pretty much all the different kinds of cloth diapers, and guess what? I like the prefolds much better than the fancy pocket diapers and all-in-ones! But DO order some nice prefold diapers, like these. The ones sold at Target and Wal-Mart make excellent burp cloths, but not diapers.

6. Pampers Soft Care wipes
OK, so my primary wet wipes are chopped up T-shirts soaked in a homemade solution. BUT for the diaper bag and for those times when I haven’t QUITE had time to get the cloth diapers and wipes washed, I am kind of a wipes snob! I don’t like Huggies because they are too thick. Some store brands are OK (and I do use them a lot because I am cheap.) But Pampers Soft Care are definitely the way to go! Unfortunately, Pampers decided to get on the Huggies train and start making them Thick, so it’s harder to find their old-school wipes. But they are still out there!

7. Baby Trend Sports Stroller
We’ve tried the umbrella stroller. (And used it from when Ava was 2 months old until it broke when Egan was 2 months old!) We’ve tried the “baby bus” stroller (the travel system type.) We’ve tried the jogging stroller. We’ve tried the Sit ‘N’ Stand (and still have it!) But this one, purchased with the help of a gift card after the umbrella stroller broke, is by far my favorite! It folds up pretty compact and is EXTREMELY light, and yet it has an ample basket for storage and THREE cupholders! Which is nice, because there are a lot of people with cups around here.

OK, so I realize that this whole blog post kind of came out like a commercial, but that wasn’t my intention! I figured it would just be nice to share some of the things that I like to splurge on. I’m not being compensated by any of these companies in any way.

SO, now it’s your turn…what do you think is Worth the Splurge?


One thought on “Worth the Splurge: Baby Edition

  1. This is helpful for a zillion reasons… I am always interested in baby stuff, first off. Second, you’ll know what you like best to recommend to friends. Third, it’s always interesting to look back

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