It’s all a part of the great circle of life…I mean, shopping carts!

While Ava was at preschool today, the boys and I ran some errands. That’s unusual for us on a Tuesday, usually that is a Thursday adventure, but I had to get out to vote, so we went ahead and took care of some other things. Namely, to sit at the Social Security office for an hour, only to find out that I’m missing a necessary document to get Egan’s social security card. (Because we NEVER RECEIVED HIS CARD.) Fortunately, they were able to give me the info we need for our taxes since I had his birth certificate, but that’s not really pertinent to my story.

ANYWAY, after those adventures and a Happy Meal break, it was dangerously close to nap time, so I thought about foregoing my stop at Publix to get the things I needed to make tonight’s casserole. However, I really wanted to be able to cook this tonight since it’s the only night that Josh’s schedule will allow him to be home for dinner. So I decided to take the risk.

And that’s when I realized that Egan is now old enough for this thing:

What, that doesn’t make you weepy?

Might I remind you of this post I wrote some 2.5 years ago?

That’s what I thought.


2 thoughts on “It’s all a part of the great circle of life…I mean, shopping carts!

  1. Awww…your boys are growing up! I went to your website that you linked to (I am *such* a foodie stalker) and that looks pretty yummy!

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