4 Christmases ago, their shiny, smiling faces met us at the door. “We have a new sister,” they seemed to say together. “Her name is Harlie.”

Of course, we already knew that baby Harlie was there, but this was our first time meeting her. Most of the time, when you think of a “surprise baby,” you’re referring to an unplanned pregnancy. My in-laws took the term to a new extreme; with their youngest child in high school, they made the decision to adopt three great nieces who were in need. When the girls’ birth parents had another little girl a year later and said they were open to her living with her sisters…well, surprise!

I think Harlie is one of the greatest gifts God could have given my husband’s family; our family. She has been a light of hope in some difficult times. She is fiercely loved by all.

And she is very, very sick. Our family’s world has turned upside-down in the past day and a half as a congenital condition caused Harlie’s intestines to twist, cutting off the blood supply to vital organs. In emergency surgery last night, a wonderful doctor removed parts of the colon and small intestine that had already died. She left as much tissue as she thought possible, with the hopes that blood would return and make them viable. Now Harlie is stable, sedated, healing…and the family is waiting in hopes of a recovery without more surgery. Except, perhaps, a surgery to reconnect her intestines.

Waiting can be very hard.

A huge cloud of support has already rallied around Harlie. Biological family, church family, neighbors, and friends near and far are praying for her. I’m making another plea for prayer into the blog-o-sphere.

Thank you in advance.


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