Harlie Update and The Pinterest Results You’ve Been Waiting For

Harlie Update: The past 4-ish days have placed a significant amount of stress on Harlie’s little body and on the family. The decision was made on Thursday that Harlie would be moved to a children’s hospital so that she could undergo dialysis. However, the ICU at that hospital did not have any openings. Thursday evening, the kids and I traveled to my inlaws house so that we could help take care of Harlie’s sisters, freeing up my father-in-law to be with Harlie.

Friday there was still no opening at the hospital, but one was found for her at a different hospital. Friday evening, Harlie was finally moved. She is no longer in our city, so this is a game-changer as far as how we are able to help.

Saturday morning, Harlie started dialysis. Things were looking good. But then, early Sunday morning, we got a text that the swelling had returned, and they were pulling her back into another emergency surgery. More small intestine was removed, and the surgeon chose to LEAVE HER OPEN this time so that he would be able to reexamine her later.

The surgeon looked at her again today. He removed a little more intestine. There is not much left. She now has a tube in her chest to drain fluid. She is still “open” and the surgeon plans to look again on Wednesday. All this news sounds discouraging, but we are still hearing that she is “holding her own” and “fighting.”

Prayers are still begged for. God is still on His throne. My sister-in-law, Heather, is pleading with people to fast a meal and spend that time praying for Harlie tomorrow. I think that is a wonderful idea.

I am now house mama to three girls as well as my two boys. (Ava went home with Josh this weekend so that she could go to school.) Josh’s aunt (the girls’ biological grandmother) is here with me, and we are working as a team. It is actually a pretty ideal scenario; I play with the kids and she cleans up after us!

I will not be with my Valentine this year. We will just have to celebrate late, as I didn’t even have time to get a card to him. And, for the sake of some levity in all of the bad…

As you know, I pinned approximately 97 different ideas for homemade Valentines, and then had to pick which ones I would makes! So, in case you were wondering, the winners are….

1. The Cereal Box of Love

I mean, how awesome is that???

We made this one for some close family friends.

2. The Toilet Paper Tube Butterfly

This one is for Ava’s class. The only problem is they turned out ginormous! I kind of doubt they are going to fit in whatever cutesy bag or mailbox they have!

Oh, yeah, candy in the butterfly butt!

3. Heart Leaf Tree Cards

We made these to mail to family and friend. Not so sure that they’ll actually get mailed with all the craziness that has gone on!

AND, the icing on the cake, here is The Ultimate Valentine. If anyone ever gets this from me, you’ll know that what we have, it’s the real deal.

Source: enjoycrumb.com via Kara on Pinterest


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