This Would Have Made More Sense Yesterday

I was going to get all these Valentine’s themed pictures edited and up last night, as it was Valentine’s Day, and most people like to celebrate holidays…well, on the holiday. But my eyes…they just wouldn’t stay open! So, here we are, in typical Kara fashion, a day late!

Egan’s 11 Month Pictures were taken a record three days late. He turned 11 months old the day after Harlie got sick, and it took me a while to get in a state of mind to take pictures.

This is definitely an idea straight from Pinterest. I can’t take any credit for the concept!

Just for the record, it’s a lot harder to leave attractive lip marks than it looks!

So when I first came here, I thought this would be a nice break from photography. By yesterday, I was itching to take some pictures! It was a gross day outside, so I ended up throwing up a backdrop using some sheets, a spare bed, and some paper doilies I had bought to decorate for Valentines.

Here is my current brood!

OK, so in retrospect, I really should have ironed the sheet, but for an anti-studio girl, I don’t think it’s half bad!

Happy V-Day!


4 thoughts on “This Would Have Made More Sense Yesterday

  1. Cute pictures! I am just reading your blog now all about Harlie. I will definitely pray for this precious little girl and the entire family.

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