Our lives have been completely different/crazy as of late. And understandably so.

However, Egan decided he was going to turn one whether we could take the time to celebrate it or not.

So we squeezed a celebration in. And, oh, how I long to blog about the party and all of the ways Pinterest helped make it happen, but I need to seize the opportunity to sleep in my own bed. So a party blog post is to come.

But I did want to take a moment, on my son’s birthday, to show off a little of my ONEderful boy!!!


One thought on “ONEderful!

  1. LOVE the photos. Especially the family one. Why are you all in ties? haha 🙂 Cute, for whatever reason. Perhaps do the thing you normal do for the last one with the blue ONE in it, and leave the only color the blues on the word ONE, and black & white/greyscale the rest? 🙂 I think that may be neat.Miss you guys!! How is everything going for you all? Are you all finally feeling better?

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