All Tied Up: Egan’s First Birthday Party!

I realize that I’ve been terribly absent from the blog. I spent the week at my inlaws with Harlie’s sisters. There’s plenty I could write about, but I had trouble getting my thoughts together.

PLUS, I was sort of lacking time to blog, since I had to finish watching Downton Abbey before PBS took it off its website and reading The Help before my book club tonight.

I think Archibald Asparagus would call that a multimedia crisis.

ANYWAY, I wasn’t sure what to even start blogging about since I am so behind and my life has been so different than usual lately. So, I thought I would start with the obvious: Egan’s party!

As I mentioned earlier, we selected a tie theme for Egan’s party. I’ve never really done a specific theme for a party before (I know you find that hard to believe!), and I wanted to make sure I did it right since there’s a chance I’ll never do it again!

So, first of all, the decor! I got most…ok, all…of my ideas from Pinterest. So I will do my best to linky you to the pin or website it came from so credit can go where credit is due! I also want to note that I did not get back to my house from my inlaws until about 7:00 the night before the party. So all of this was done late the night before the party or early that morning.

First, his birthday banner! This is typically our homeschooling bulletin board, but when it’s party time, I take all the school stuff off and it’s in the prime place in our living room to create a focal point for a party! The kids painted the letters on the triangles for me the night before the party. I had just purchased some solid colored scrapbooking paper and letter stencils. I love the way they turned out, upside down letters and all! The pictures are from Egan’s 6 month shoot. I know that was a while back, but they are just too perfect for the theme and I’m sure I couldn’t recreate that shoot!

I tried the Pinteresty balloon garlands to be able to have balloons but not have them where babies could pop them and choke on them. We had 3 of them going across the room and they looked pretty good! (The reason we have black balloons is someone in Josh’s office had a birthday a few days before and their cubicle was filled with black balloons. Josh told me that we had access to 40 free, already inflated, black balloons, and I said we would make it work!)

It was confirmed to me that I had the right theme when I stopped at Target 2 days before the party and found these kid ties in the dollar bin!!! So I bought 10 of them.

Our favors! I never got around to mailing out the invitations because Harlie got sick right after I got them, and then I was out of town, and then I couldn’t find them, and then I was out of town…you get the idea. So they were party favors instead.

Yes, my hubby tied 30 ribbon neck ties for 30 pencils, he’s amazing like that! They turned out even more adorable than I was expecting!

I had originally planned to buy wooden letters to spell “ONE” and paint them. But then Wal-Mart didn’t have the “N.” So I decided to try the yarn wrapped cardboard letters, and they turned out really nice! Dana actually wrapped the “N” and “E” all by herself, hot glue gun and all! I mainly wanted them to use as a photo prop, but they worked with the high chair, too!

Egan’s amazing tie cake, made by my mom!!! It’s been our tradition that Mom makes all my kids’ first birthday cakes, and you can see why. I have to say that this looks a whole lot better than the example picture that I sent her!

Bowtie cupcakes! The girls helped me make the cupcakes the night before, and then Josh did the creative stuff! They are based on this idea, but we, I think very wisely, opted out of trying to create a fruit leather bow tie.

Our photo booth! We set this up at the last minute in the garage. It is a total spinoff of this one. Now I’m wishing I had hung the frame at a crooked angle, but oh well! I’ll have to post pictures of our guests posing in another post!

I don’t really have pictures of the rest of the food, but in keeping with the theme, we had bow tie pasta! There was basically a buffet line in the kitchen with the pasta, a crock pot of marinara sauce, a crock pot of alfredo sauce (all from jars ), bread, and salad. It was an easy meal to prepare and I think it was great for serving a large number of people without having to work in the kitchen all morning.

I also don’t have a picture of our game (rats!), but we played Egan-O! We made bingo cards using photos that I’ve taken throughout the year and this website. The first two people to get four in a row (Egan-O!) got a prize! I was the caller, and after calling things like, “Egan in a box!” “Egan in a bucket!” “Egan in the black tote thing with a hat on!” “Egan in the suit case!” “Egan in a basket!” …. I realized I might have a problem.

And now, time for the party!

Of course, Pa had to be different and wear a bolo tie!!! Oh, and my mom also made this amazing tie onesie, based on this one, but infinitely better!

Thanks to Jim for being willing to man my camera for the parts when I could not!

Egan, unlike Izzy, had no problem eating his birthday cake! Down to the very. last. crumb.

And presents!

After the party simmered down, Jim, Lauren, and I slipped out to try to snag a few pictures of Egan. The weather was horrendous, so we were stuck on the porch, and most of the pictures look like this…

…because he’s a busy boy! Jim did snag some really good ones that I put in my last post!

So there you have it! My boy is one and all tied up!


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