An Update of Sorts

Last week while I was at my in-laws, I took the kids to the back yard on a pretty day while the big kids were at school to try to get some more pictures of Egan with his yarn letters. I got a lot more “real life” type pictures than really good ones, but I figured both type of pictures are worth sharing! Here are the “good ones”:

I started out with this montage:

But I wasn’t satisfied with that because having both striped letters and a striped shirt makes the letters less distinct (oops!) So then I tried this:

OK, so the rest of these pictures are going to be “real life” pictures from the shoot that day!

~ Harlie Update: The road to recovery continues to be long, but there is still hope for this sweet girl. We went to see her the day after Egan’s birthday, and it was more than thrilling to see her actually making eye contact with us, smiling at us, mouthing words!

~ At the end of last week, Harlie had a surgery to put in a “main line”, which is a tube in her chest that she will receive her feedings through. Harlie has now also been held at least once by each of her parents, as well as getting to “sit up” in a special type of chair.

~ Last week, I had Ava’s preschool teacher put together her work for the week ahead of time so that I could bring Ava with me to my in-laws. I don’t want her to miss a lot of preschool, but I figured one week wouldn’t hurt, and I couldn’t stand the thought of her being away from me for 2 weeks in a row! That gave me a total of 6 kids in my charge. Needless to say, getting them to school on time and to bed at a decent hour were the biggest accomplishments I had each day!

~ Right now, I have the “week off!” I had to come home last weekend to shoot a wedding, and we have plans for this coming weekend, so my in-laws were gracious and worked it out where I could just stay with my people all week. I most certainly don’t mind helping out, but I love getting to spend time at home. It’s something I’ll never take for granted again!

~ Yes, you read that right: I shot a wedding last weekend. I know I said I wasn’t really planning to shoot any in 2012, and I most certainly have not advertised to do so, but this happened to be the sister of a bride I had previously shot for. I’m glad I ended up taking the gig, it was a gorgeous day, the location was one I’m familiar with and I love shooting there, it was my first time working a wedding with my friend Liz, and I worked about half the time that I normally would work a wedding!

~ I also took the plunge and bought myself a new external flash! Mine was getting to the point that it was taking a loooong time to charge back up each time. It behaved in this way for several shoots and I kept telling myself that I needed to get newer rechargeable batteries, even though the ones I was using are only a few months old. Than it hit me about a week before the wedding (I’m quick like that!) that it was probably the flash, not the batteries. So then I panicked because working a wedding with a slow flash would be a nightmare! Fortunately, we were able to find one that was relatively affordable and have the shipping expedited. I didn’t need it much during the wedding, but the next day I did some indoor pictures for a baby shoot, and I’m very pleased so far by its recycling time!

(I realize that that was an incredibly boring paragraph. My apologies. Apparently I don’t have enough people to talk about my external flash with, so I feel the need to do so on here.)

~ I started giving Egan some whole milk. I figured he was ready since he kept swiping his siblings’ cups and drinking them all up! I’m not sure how I’m going to go about the process of weaning him from nursing. I don’t mind the idea of continuing to nurse (at least a few times a day) until 18 months or so, but I feel like my supply has already decreased to the point that, once I start replacing some feedings with cows’ milk, it may become nonexistent.

I feel very blessed that we were able to make it through his first year without having to buy formula; it was a close call when we found out at his 9 month check-up that he had lost a pound! Fortunately, my doctor was on board with not trying to supplement, so by adding a feeding or two a day and by doubling the time I spend nursing him, we were able to keep on truckin’ without the formula! So whatever happens now, I know I’m blessed to have gotten to do it for this long.

~ We’ve also purchased the toddler size prefold diapers for Egan! I didn’t get to start using them until now since I use disposables when we are out of town. They’re GINORMOUS compared to the small size he was wearing! I’ll have to get used to the big diaper bootie again.

~ I think Egan is going to be an outdoorsy dude. As you can see by these pictures, he has no problem crawling around the yard…or down the driveway…or down the street. He likes to go, go, go!

~ I consumed both the book and the movie The Help in about 4 days! It was very good! I probably won’t get around to writing a review on here, but I think it’s a really good book to add to one’s repertoire. To Kill a Mockingbird is one of my favorites, so this one was definitely right down my alley.


2 thoughts on “An Update of Sorts

  1. Thanks for the update! The kids are cute as always and I am glad to know Harlie is improving. Every time I see a FB update or blog post related to her I try to say a prayer. God is so good! Photography = not boring. Ha ha ha ha. I watched The Help recently and enjoyed it mostly

  2. My favorite photo here HAS to be the one with the letter on his head. He looks so happy! :)I am currently reading The Help on my Kindle. It FINALLY became free again (I was number 53 on a waiting list…). So, I hope to find someone to borrow the movie from once I finish it. It’s finally got my attention. The first chapter was hard to read through for me because of my grammar nazi thing… Reading it pained me. I didn’t know if I could make the whole book like that. So, I’ve been thankful for the fact that now I have found out it is written from each person’s frame of mind. How they talk is how the book seems to be written. So, it’s been a nice break getting to read through Miss Skeeter’s parts and such. n_n Can’t wait to finish it! I’m struggling with motivation, and I just want to sit and read it now. haha 🙂 *eyes study card material she should be making.* 😦 HahaBut yeah. How’s your family doing? 🙂

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