Epic Weekend!

Hang on to your hats, folks. This is gonna be a long one.

We had a great weekend! So I thought I would try something new and actually update the blog in a timely manner.

We started off by a visit to our favorite patient! When we got there she was taking a walk…

After all of this activity, Harlie was all tuckered out, so we hung out in her room and watched Dora while she snoozed!

Somebody, get this poor child a stuffed animal!

After our hospital visit, we headed to Jackie and Eric’s!!!

We made sure we started out our visit right with a rainbow St. Patrick’s Day cake.

Saturday, we went to a Braves Spring Training game! We did this with Jackie and Eric two years ago, but this is our first time attempting a sporting event with all 3 kids.

Had it been the breezy 75 degrees that I was expecting, I think the whole game would have been fun for them.

Since it turned out to be a much hotter temperature and nary a water bottle in sight, things were touch and go for a while.

Eric even offered to go home with us early. So you know it was serious.

But we desperately need our kids to share our passion for Braves baseball.

So I bought them ridiculously priced slushies.

And showed Izzy how to use binoculars.

And we made it through the game!

Here is Eric enjoying the game.

And here is Jackie enjoying the game. But I failed to take a picture of them enjoying the game together.

Since I failed to take said picture…

…I took a picture of them at McDonalds after church on Sunday. ‘Cuz I’m a classy friend like that.

It was tough to say goodbye to our friends.

But fortunately, to ease the pain, we were able to make a pit stop on the way back home to see MORE friends!

Remember how I named my child Egan, and I got the name from our friends’ last name? WELL, the thing is, not only did I sort of **ahem** not ask permission before putting their name on my son’s birth certificate, but Egan had not actually met these friends…until now! So now, introducing, for the first time in photographic history…

THE Egans!!!

And that was our weekend. Well, there was a lot of driving, and potty breaks, and french fries, too…but you get the general idea….

best. weekend. ever. (Until another good one comes along!)


4 thoughts on “Epic Weekend!

  1. Harlie looks so well. I know she is still being treated but her skin tone is very good and she doesn’t look as if she’s lost any weight. That is always great! Still praying. Sounds like it was a really fun weekend and I enjoyed all the pictures. Especially the Egans!

  2. Ok I’m behind who is Harlie? I saw a fundraiser on your facebook. And Izzy is getting so big! He’s such a little cutie!

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