I’m overwhelmed so…a random list!

OK, so I have SO much I could blog about, I don’t even know where to start! So here’s the game plan (because I always need a game plan, even when it’s for my blog): Today, I’m just going to blog a random bullet point list. I’m going to use pictures that I took last week on a rare day at HOME. I think they really capture how much the kids and I appreciate being home!

But here are some future blogs for when I have the time and the state of mind simultaneously:


~ Week 3 and 4 with the sisters, complete with special activities and pictures.

~ Our spontaneous weekend with the sisters at my house, complete with pictures. (OK, so all of these are going to be complete with pictures, so I’m going to stop typing that part!)

~ Week 5 with the sisters – also my Easter week with them!

~ Our epic weekend of traveling to see Josh’s dad’s side of the family.

~ Parting with Ellie

~Our Holy Week at HOME!

Topics (maybe even spiritual-ish!):

~Motherhood, the Pre-quel.

~The Narrow Gate

~Our Response to Adoption

~The Elusive Little Years

~The Silence before a Wedding

~The Tyranny of Choice

See what I mean, I have a lot to write about! I feel like I just wrote a Table of Contents! But I feel better having written that down. Even if that’s as far as I get.

NOW, onto the randomness.

Because that is obviously why you are reading.

~ First of all, a Harlie update! We got to see her again this weekend, and each time is even more encouraging. She was wearing a night gown instead of a hospital gown. She was bantering with the nurses. She was letting her parents know very clearly that she was not cool with being in her hospital bed; she wanted to get in the wheelchair and go for a walk!

~ Harlie is having an issue that is keeping her from getting to progress to the rehab facility. She has been vomiting for a few weeks now. The doctor’s can’t figure it out; she even hand an endoscopy yesterday and the results are her intestines are clear. There is a possibility that her brain, as the results of the strokes that she had when she first got sick, is triggering the vomiting. Please pray that this resolves itself (or that doctor’s are able to treat it,) so that she can go to rehab. It is predicted that rehab will last 4 weeks. That’s 4 more weeks of being away from home and her sisters, and it hasn’t even started yet!

~ In other, less serious news, Josh and I finally watched the movie Courageous . I know, I know, we got all hyped up about the movie, did the Bible study, everything, but then we didn’t watch it. Well, here’s the thing. The movie theater is ridiculously expensive. So it’s our policy to only go to the movies once a year. We had already used that up on Josh’s birthday. The DVD didn’t come out until January, and in the post-Christmas money crunch, paying $20 for a DVD was not a priority. But we did buy it so that Josh’s mom would have something to watch in the hospital after Harlie got sick, and she gave it back to us a few weeks ago. So we watched it.

I could go on and on about the pros and [very few] cons to the movie, but for now let me just say…

Team Javier!!!

~ Josh and I have become a wee bit obsessed with Jason Mraz’s song “I Won’t Give Up.” Or maybe it’s with Jason Mraz in general. But seriously, such a good song.

~ Anyone keeping up with Dancing with the Stars this season? I can’t watch it on the actual night,(because, seriously, who has their kids in bed before 8:00?) so I am watching it online. Oh. my. goodness. Everyone is so talented this time around! I’ll admit that I’m attached to the British classical singer even though I hadn’t heard of her before because A) she looks like Grace Kelly B) she has the most beautiful accent and…oh yeah, C) she’s a very good dancer. But this is also our chance to have Steve Urkel and Laura Ingalls on the same show – I think that’s a once in a lifetime thing! (Although I think Pa would have had a heart attack if Laura had worn THAT purple dress on the prairie!)

~Speaking of immodest clothing, am I the only mom having trouble finding summer clothes long enough to be appropriate? I went through Ava’s drawers today and pulled out things I knew were too short, so here’s hoping that the rest will look OK on those long, gangly legs. I’m sorry, but booty shorts aren’t going to cut it at my house. I’ve always thought that we would start discussing modesty when she’s 9 or so, but it’s looking like we’re needing to start…NOW.

~ I’ll confess that it’s been at least a month since I’ve been on a jog. I can’t run at my inlaws because…well, there’s no one else to watch the kids, and even if I had the jogging stroller, Izzy can’t keep up with me! I should have been exercising since I’ve been at home this week, but we’re doing some special activities with the kids every day for Holy Week, and that is more important to me.

I know confessing isn’t helping my waistline at all, but I feel better now.

~ Another confession: My Bible reading has really been in a rut. I thrive off of structure (I know that must come as a surprise to you!), and since Egan was born, I really haven’t had a structure for my quiet time. In an effort to revitalize this area, I ordered a used copy of The Message: Remix. I know I’m behind the times; this paraphrase was really trendy when I was in college, so it’s probably old hat now. But I’ve never actually read The Message, other than a verse here and there, so I thought I would read it like it’s supposed to be read: from start to finish, like a book. (Except Remix has the verse markings in it, because seriously, I can’t go too far off the beaten path!) My plan is to read the New Testament all the way through. Josh may even join me with a digital copy on his Kindle. He’s all contemporvant like that.

~ What, you don’t know what contemporvant means? It’s a term that Josh, my dad, and I use to describe anything new and edgy. You know, like tablets and plastic rimmed glasses. We glean our new lingo from this video from North Point Church that always makes me smile:

Since we’re sharing the love of videos (read: I finally figured out how to embed them in the blog!), here is one more video that always makes me smile:

So consider this the closing phrase that gives the reader a sense of temporary closure but leaves her desiring to return to the blog at a later time to check for updates.


2 thoughts on “I’m overwhelmed so…a random list!

  1. I can’t wait for all the awesome posts to come, although hearing from you is a treat anytime. So glad to hear that even though the healing process is still happening, Harlie feels well enough to banter with the nurses and wear a nightgown. It’s the little things that count. Loved your pictures in this one, the sidewalk acted as a great natural reflector so everything was super well lit! I have been considering ordering a new Bible myself. I like the Message for when I can’t understand a concept — it is so helpful to just get to the idea. Please do let me know how you like it. Thank you for keeping it real with all your confessions.

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