Happy Easter, take 2!

I got most of this post written yesterday, so that I could actually be posting it on Easter, but then my computer overheated and shut off before I could save it. So it looks like, even when I try to blog on time, I can’t. Good to know. I will try to recreate the post to the best of my ability.

(In case you’re wondering, my Easter and birthday gift is a new computer!!!)

I am going to blog a little out-of-order so that I can share Easter pictures before it’s, you know, summer!

I got to have two Holy Weeks this year. One with Josh’s sisters the week before Palm Sunday, and one with my family this past week. Needless to say, the fact that I had two weeks to get into the spirit AND the fact that this is my first Easter since Pinterest entered my life, I had tons of fun with little projects! Hopefully the kids did, too.

Holy Week #1

On Monday of Holy Week #1, the girls painted these crosses. I did discover, however, that it would be better to use card stock than normal paper to keep the tape from tearing holes in the paper – just FYI.

That was all of the Easter fun for that day because the rest of our afternoon was spent at a local state park doing a photo shoot for one of their friends and having a picnic dinner. Now THAT was some crazy fun!

On Tuesday was the main event: our Easter egg hunt! As I mentioned in a post that I wrote that day, the girls had been doing A LOT of fighting with each other. I was NOT going to let the joy of an Easter egg hunt be ruined by bickering over number of eggs and prizes. So I split the eggs up into a dozen eggs of each color. Each child was to look for their color ONLY. That way I made sure everyone got the same number of eggs and the exact same prizes in their eggs.

Yes, they are hunting with mixing bowls. Having baskets would have involved a trip into the attic. I simply wasn’t that die-hard!

Can you guess what color Izzy was looking for?

Fortunately, Egan was content playing in the dirt, so I didn’t have to chase him around during the hunt!

Of course, I had to take some pictures to make it LOOK like he had an interest in the eggs!

Then it was time to check out the prizes! For prizes, I mostly used a bunch of stickers that I already had. Those went over exceptionally well, especially the sparkly foam stickers! Each child each found 2 pieces of candy, which was our dessert for the night. I did pick up some bouncy balls and “Jesus fish” necklaces. I will say that I was afraid that there would be some complaining about the prizes, since they weren’t the normal candy and money Easter egg prizes, but everyone acted very appreciative! So a big SCORE for the Cooper girls!

I stayed up late Tuesday night packing a special surprise lunch for the girls. I found this idea via Pinterest, and I will say that I was really, really excited about doing it.

I packed their entire lunch in eggs! Dana and Tori seemed to really like their surprise lunch. Stacey didn’t seem so thrilled, but that could be because all of her eggs cracked open and spilled out before lunch. If I had not been so tired when I was making them, I might would have thought to tape the eggs shut. Maybe.

Anyway, 2 out of 3 happy campers isn’t too bad!

On Wednesday, the girls helped me finish a great egg garland for the mantle.

We also made some sweet Spring treats.

However, the best surprise the girls had on Wednesday was when their mom walked in the door to stay for a few days!!!

Holy Week #2

My family was traveling on Palm Sunday, so we didn’t get to attend church. Because of that, and because we were in some desperate need of some family time, Josh and I decided to do some sort of Easter devotion every day of Holy Week. I got a lot of ideas for this from Motherhood on a Dime, but I ended up changing some of the activities to be a better fit for us.

On Monday, I reused the painters tape cross craft. Using card stock this time, of course.

We made our plans for the devotionals on Monday, so I didn’t really have time to prepare anything for Monday night. We talked about Palm Sunday, and our activity was everyone taking turns being a donkey and riding Jesus into Jerusalem. I will spare you the pictures.

On Tuesday our devotional was about the cross. The kids made these lovely stained glass crosses.

Wednesday was church night. Our devotional was about the resurrection, so Ava and I made these resurrection roles to bring to Mission Friends. I am a big fan of this recipe; it is quick, simple, to the point, and quite tasty!

On Wednesday I also blew the yolks out of egg shells for the first time in years so that we could make these little guys at Mission Friends:

I can’t remember where I found the idea now, but it’s just tissue paper glued to the eggs – good for little hands!

Thursday is when we talked about what Jesus’ death and resurrection means to us. I used this modified version of Resurrection Eggs to talk about the Gospel.

First we found the eggs…

Then we talked about what was inside of them!

On Friday our devotional was about new life in Christ. Earlier in the day, the kids colored coffee filters…

And they made caterpillars…

Later, while the kids weren’t looking, the caterpillars made cocoons…

And when it was time for our devotional, the kids got to see how their caterpillars had transformed into butterflies!

Well that’s all for now, I don’t have the pictures from the fun on Saturday or Sunday downloaded yet. I hope everyone had a great Easter!


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