You know you want some MORE Easter.

OK, so I figured that if I can get all the Easter posting out of my system two days after the holiday, I am doing pretty good!

If you’ll remember, last year, Tiff, Cynthia, and I got together with our kids on Good Friday for some egg rolling fun. We had so much fun with the general destruction of boiled eggs, we decided to make it an annual event, adding activities to make our egg party more and MORE epic each year. How epic, you ask? Tiff wrote on my facebook wall about a week ago that she had forgotten that we needed a trampoline, so she was going to start searching for one on craiglslist, STAT!

OK, so we didn’t have a trampoline, but we did have an Easter party that could wear out even the most enthusiastic of preschool parents. We decided to make it on Saturday so that school age children and our husbands could join us, and we invited Melanie to join the craziness because, well, it’s safe to say she’s in our craziness club now.

My parents also decided it would be a good weekend to come visit us. Which means they got roped into helping with approximately 8 preschoolers. Needless to say, they will probably be more careful about when they choose to visit next!

(I’m kidding. I think.)

OK, so as soon as guests arrive, we started making the same coffee filter butterflies that my kids made the day before. I didn’t take pictures – I was hot gluing.

Then my hubby grilled hot dogs and we partook. Still no pictures – I was making a ton of sippy cups and I might have had lunch, too.

Then the games began! We started with the traditional egg roll.

For some reason, this made the kids more interested in tearing the shells off the boiled eggs than racing with them. So then we tried the egg-in-spoon variation.

This seemed to go over much better!

As the grand finale of the racing portion of the party, we, of course, had to roll eggs down the slide!

I think Jack won that one!

After all of that, we decided to put our creative juices aside and go for a good old fashioned egg hunt.

Then we went inside and the kids iced egg and flower shaped cookies that my mom was gracious enough to prepare.

We rounded out the party with newborn pictures of a very special little baby, and with a very high class outdoor activity…

No words. Just no words.

It was a fun little party with minimal casualties!

SO, on the actual day of Easter, as you can see, we were all Easter-ed out! But I kind of like the system we’re developing: we do all of our celebrating and activities for a holiday before the actual day, so we can have a real holiday without responsibilities on the actual holiday.

And, although I haven’t taken the time to blog about it this year, Easter is actually about our Risen Savior. Our kids don’t get Easter baskets and we don’t talk about the Easter bunny, although they hear about him from other sources. Someday I will blog more in depth about my frustrations in this area.

Anyway, we went to church and then it was kind of like, “Not what?” So we went to my favorite restaurant and took the kids to the park. They were allowed to play at the park…provided that they agreed to take some pictures in their new Easter clothes

Um, yeah. Suffice to say that won’t be my last attempt at getting some Spring pictures of the kids.

So I thought some candids might turn out better. Of course, they did!

I felt especially blessed to get to spend Easter with my family this year, as we have spent a number of weeks separated as of late.

Please continue to keep Harlie in your prayers. She is continuing to have vomiting spells, and the doctors do not know why. Please also keep my inlaws, Glenda and Dan in your prayers. They have been watching their baby go through this for 10 weeks (or longer, now!) and that is a lot of stress. Thanks so much!


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