The Kids

OK, so I feel like I need to pause from filling in the “Table of Contents” I wrote in this post to just talk about what’s going on with my kids. As I hinted in the last post, they are growing like weeds and I haven’t been doing a great job of documenting all of the wonderful things that they are learning.

So, here they are, in height order, of course!


~ Ava is really. witty. I guess that’s always been the case, but the older she gets, the more we realize that we. are. in. trouble.

~ She graduates from PreK in a month!

~ She is a leader. I’m having to remind her multiple times a day that it is not her job to parent her brothers. But she still gets away with it a lot; Izzy is a natural follower.

~ She likes to dress like, as Josh affectionately calls it, “An 80s Child.” Lots. of. layers.

~ She is an awesome eater. I get so stressed out about her picky brother, I usually fail to notice how good she’s eating. She’s also developing a love for water that I wish I shared!

~ She has a great imagination. Izzy does, too, but it helps that he has such a great example to follow.

~ She’s a talker. Seriously, does someone want to come give me a break and listen to her for a while?

~ She’s so beautiful.

~ Her love language is Words of Affirmation. She is not above fishing for compliments if she doesn’t feel validated.

~ She’s like an elephant. She never forgets.


~Israel is at my favorite age thus far: 3! Seeing him walking around in his rain boots and underwear just makes my heart swell up like only a mother’s can.

~ Speaking of underwear, Izzy is FINALLY 96% potty trained. This journey has taken a year, people. A YEAR. So, to answer you parents’ questions about potty training, here it is: For girls, it is a short sprint. Maybe a lap around the track. For boys, it is a marathon. A long journey. A CROSS COUNTRY EXPEDITION.

I say he is 96% potty trained because he’s averaging one accident at night every two weeks or so. But I haven’t put a nighttime diaper on him since we’ve been at home (about 3 weeks,) so I feel like the finish line to this project is finally in sight.

~ Izzy is ready for Egan to be old enough to engage in rough and tumble play. I couldn’t count the number of times a day that I have to tell him to get off of the baby. I think he’ll be ready to play with some boys his age at preschool in the fall!

~ He has some issues. I’m talking OCD. He goes into hysterics when food gets on his fingers or when he spills a drop of bubble solution on his shoes. He loves playing in the dirt, but then he cries like he’s in terrible danger when he sees the dirt that I washed off of him in the bottom of the bathtub. And let’s not even talk about how he reacts when a gnat flies in his face!

~ Those problems aside, he is a brave boy. He gets that from his daddy.

~ His love language is physical touch. His favorite thing right now is for us to “scratch his back and open his shirt.” (Scratch his back under his shirt.) I call this his Pause Button because scratching his back is a surefire way to get him to sit still.

It happens to be one of my Pause Buttons, too. Not that you need to know.


~ The child…well, he’s active. In the spirit of Marshall Erickson, I have put together a little Venn Diagram to show you what I mean:

Man, I love this kid!

~ Egan doesn’t seem interested in walking. I don’t blame him, he is a super fast crawler. And climber. But we’ve already talked about that.

~ He’ll eat pretty much anything I give him. As well as anything he finds on the floor.

~ He drinks milk with his meals now. I’m still nursing him 3 or 4 times a day. I am not in a hurry to stop this time, weaning will happen when it happens. But it is really nice to be able to leave him with a cup of milk and know he’ll be fine!

~ Speaking of which, Egan has now spent some time away from me! Tiff kept the kids one night last week so Josh and I could have a real date. We had not had a kid-free date that we could think of since Egan had been born! THEN, my parents kept him all day last Saturday while Josh and I went to an out-of-town wedding shower. I didn’t know what to do with two hands all day!

~ His love language is yet to be determined. Right now it’s a tossup between pancakes and rubber balls.


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