I’m Crying Uncle.

Big Mama wrote a blog last week in which she cried Uncle. I’m going to take the liberty of doing the same thing. We’re only 4 days into May and it’s doing its best to kick. my. tail. So here is a non-cohesive blog entry because I can do that every once in a while.

~ First of all, a Harlie update: Harlie has been in rehab for 2 weeks now!!! They are working towards the goal of sending her home on May 21st! She is making a lot of progress, and basically the one skill she needs to regain is walking.

We have not seen her since she started rehab, but the pictures and videos my MIL post on facebook are very encouraging. She is wearing normal clothes and sitting up on her own. She is engaging in play therapy and looking like a normal kid. In the past few days, she started rolling to a sitting up position by herself. And rumor has it she pulled herself up to a standing position tonight!

Prayers are still appreciated. Setbacks, like infections and vomiting, could prolong her hospital stay. She is currently battling a UTI and is having more unexplained vomiting.

~ Just to clear up any confusion, I have been at home for a month now! A friend who lives near the girls (and their school) volunteered to keep all 3 of them! This was such a blessing for us; I love the girls and was happy to help, but the traveling and my immediate family being split up was burning me out fast. I may have to watch them for a week this month, but I can handle that!

~ My birthday was last Thursday. Josh was out of town on business, so my mom was super sweet and took off a day of work and spent it with us instead! We had a low-key day while Ava was at school, and she took us to Chilis when Ava got home.

ALSO, my sis-in-law, Heather, called me and sang Happy Birthday (my only song of the day, might I add,) Jackie mailed me a special birthday painting, and Tiff brought me a cake pop garden AND a gift certificate to The Country Dollar.

The icing on the cake was Josh got home around 8:30, HOURS before I thought he would, and he put the kids to bed for me. Not to mention all the sweet messages on facebook that I meant to reply to and never did! So consider this a thank you to everyone who made my birthday special, I’m a blessed girl!

~ May. Like I said, it would really like to conquer me. We started the month off with a family stomach bug. One of us has been sick at all times since Sunday night. Josh is the last man standing. So, instead of doing everything I need to do to prepare for this busy month, all I’ve wanted to do is lay on the couch and drink Dr. Pepper.

(Why Dr. Pepper? I don’t know, but that is the. only. thing. that has been appetizing to me this week.)

(If Egan is a little jittery, I have no idea why.)

~ Egan. My little man is up to taking 3 consecutive steps now! He’s such a busy guy that he hadn’t expressed a lot of interest with standing independently or walking in the past, but we’re finally getting there. I started off with playing a game with him; once he’s pulled up on something, I raise my hands and say “Put your hands up!” He does it and laughs hysterically.

A good mom would have a video. I do have a blurry picture of him standing independently on my phone. But I’m not sitting near my phone. So you can’t see it right now.

As sad as it is to see him grow up, I’m honestly looking forward to him walking. The main reason would be…so he can wear shorts! I have to keep him in pants so he won’t skin up his knees, and they stay filthy from all the dirty places he loves to crawl. And it’s hot. And he has some cute shorts.

Oh, and I predict that the more he walks, the less he will eat off the floor.

~ I have all these projects for the month and I can’t share them because it would ruin someone’s surprise! Urggh! But let’s just say that Crafty Kara has been gone for a while, but in order for us to be able to afford life this month, she has come back.

And she might not have feeling in her fingertips anymore after her activities with the glue gun earlier this evening.

~ Izzy ate a chicken taco last night in its entirety. This is HUGE, people.

I guess he had a gut feeling that he would come down with the bug today. It was kind of like a last meal.

~ Josh gave Izzy and Ava haircuts for the summer! Let’s see if I have any pictures downloaded…

Woot! It’s your lucky day!

Oh, and he let Izzy cut his hair, too…

And that’s why he’s the best dad ever.


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