Secret Project #1 – Revealed!

As I mentioned in a recent random post, I’m doing a lot of crafting to help our budget survive this month. The problem is, when I do make a decent looking craft, I want to show the world, but I can’t if the craft is meant to be a surprise for someone!

SO, now that our mothers have received their Mother’s Day gifts, this project is no longer a secret and I can SHOW THE WORLD!

Yes, 15 readers count as “the world.”

NOW, let’s get real about Mother’s Day for a second. It’s pretty much my least favorite holiday. Don’t get your panties in a wad, it’s not that I don’t appreciate my mother, it’s just that I’m TERRIBLE at celebrating Mother’s Day. I never know what to get our moms, I feel incredible guilt if we don’t go to see them, but it’s not always possible to see them, etc., etc. So, here is my proposition: Can we honor our mothers all year round in a reasonable fashion instead of putting outlandish pressure on one day dedicated to our moms? Please? Please??

ANYWAY, as I mentioned, Mother’s Day gifts are elusive to me. Since this is the second heaviest gift giving season for us (my birthday, Josh’s birthday, my FIL’s birthday, 2 of Josh’s sisters’ birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and our anniversary, all sandwiched in about a 6 week period,) we can’t exactly budget enough for Mother’s Day to purchase the nice items that we really wish we could get for our moms. And instinct tells me that our moms really don’t need any more lotion or more body spray or even more tarts for the Yankee Candle tart warmers we bought them in hopes of always being able to copout by buying tarts when we couldn’t think of anything else to give. (See, I’m TERRIBLE at Mother’s Day – I’m even revealing my terrible shopping secrets!)

So imagine my joy when an affordable AND meaningful gift came to my mind!

Here is my mom’s:

And here is Glenda’s:

Avid Pinterest followers would know that this project is actually 3 different Pinterest crafts combined.

First of all, the whole concept of using a frame for a monogram “wreath” was pinned off of this site. I know our frames are not fancy, but here is why: I found 8×10 WOODEN frames at The Dollar Tree. I could have shouted my joy from the roof tops! All of the other Dollar Tree frames were plastic, which doesn’t allow much for creativity…but WOOD…you can paint it and glue stuff to it and staple into it and more! I already had acrylic paint, so the total cost for both frames together? $2.

The concept of yarn wrapped letters is pretty common around Pinterest. I cut my letters out of cardboard boxes and use a heavy amount of hot glue on the back to help keep the yarn secure. I use yarn that my mom passed on to me (I’m glad it’s getting used since I don’t knit!). So the total cost of the letter portion was $0 and numerous burnt fingers.

My favorite part of this is the book paper flowers on the “H” frame. I used this wonderful tutorial to learn how to make the flowers. We don’t have any brads, so I used a stapler and would personally recommend it since I think stapling is a lot easier than…bradding? I also don’t have a scalloped circle puncher, so I used scalloped scissors. It takes a little longer, but has the same results. (I also made one with normal scissors, and it looks just fine!)

So what book did the flowers come from? I’ve been toying with the idea of making decorations with book pages for a while, but, as silly as it sounds, I haven’t done it because I didn’t know what book to use! I like our books (that is why we have them,) and I didn’t want to pick up a cheap book that I’d never read, because HEAVEN FORBID someone see some language that is less than God-honoring on their paper flower! But I finally had a revelation and picked up a KJV Bible at the Dollar Tree. I’m still not sure why I didn’t think of that a long time ago.

The best part of the paper flower is the cost break down. It takes me two pages of the Bible to make one paper flower. That means I can get 273 flowers from this Bible. The Bible cost $1, so each flower costs approximately $.004 cents. Which means that the 3 flowers put together cost a penny.

Things don’t get cheaper than that in this economy.

Add that with the dollar I spent on the pink pre-made flowers, this whole project to make two gifts cost $3.01 plus tax. I don’t think it gets much better than that.

And, in keeping with my tradition at being terrible at Mother’s Day, I have now revealed to our moms how much their gifts cost.

And it wasn’t much.

But they TOTALLY represent a labor of love. Did I mention the burnt fingers???


4 thoughts on “Secret Project #1 – Revealed!

  1. Kara, so CUTE! The ones with the paper flowers would go great at my house Loving it. You really pulled it off!

  2. LOL! XD So cute. We love you, Kara!! XD Thanks for the gifts to our mom’s. 🙂 We got my MIL a cute card and a meal to a good restaurant with us! Where she didn’t have to pay anything (thought she volunteered and ended up footing the bill for her younger son’s meal, while we covered the cost of her’s for her. 🙂 Haha). So, yeah. I told my Mom to let me know if there was ever anything she needed, even if it was just a night away from it all, and I’d give her whatever she needed. 🙂 Being so far from her makes gift giving difficult without loosing meaning. I’m thankful to have a mom who’s much like I am in the meaning area, and was okay with me putting it off until she had time to consider what she wanted. I did mail her a card, though, and my dad one for his birthday. :)So, yeah. Thanks for sharing. This made me smile, especially your emphasis of the burnt fingers. XD hehe Enjoy!!

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