We spent Saturday of Mother’s Day weekend visiting Josh’s mom and Harlie at the rehab hospital.

First, we went outside to see Harlie’s favorite duck feeding spot!

She was pretty excited to see her brother!

Then, we went inside to check out her digs and sit with her so Gigi could have some time off to freshen up.

We took that opportunity to make a Mother’s Day card for her mom! She colored AND adhered stickers!

As you can see from these pictures, Harlie is feeling much better!

My first picture with Harlie since she got sick. Yes, I took it myself and it’s horribly blurry. No, I wasn’t going to try to take it again.

Egan and Harlie playing!

Fortunately, these picture are now out-of-date, because yesterday, Harlie got to go HOME! She was in the hospital (well, technically, 3 different hospitals,) for 110 days.

We are so thankful that she is reunited with her sisters and both parents, that my inlaws can stop living out of suitcases, that she can begin the process of becoming a little girl again. Of course, her life will not be completely “normal.” She will be attached to one of her feedings for 16 hours a day, and another one for 24 hours a day. Although she is allowed to “pleasure feed,” (meaning that regular food or drink will have no actual nutritional value for her since she doesn’t have enough intestines to absorb the nutrients,) everyone will have to be careful that she doesn’t eat anything that could get caught in her intestines and cause damage.

She is still not walking, and will be going to outpatient therapy to help her with that. She will still live with an ileostomy bag until the doctor decides it is time to reconnect her intestines. She qualifies for 24 hour live-in medical care, but for now my inlaws are opting to have a home nurse come a few times a week to do her bloodwork. The rest of the time, her care will be on their shoulders. I’ve already seen my MIL change her bag and fix her feeding tube; she’s great at it. She would make a great nurse.

The most important part is Harlie is HOME. Prayers for the family as they adjust to this new way of life are appreciated.


One thought on “HOME!!!

  1. Harlie is so precious! I will be praying for your family and for her healing. Praise God for her qualifying for at home treatment, that will be such a blessing to her family.

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