When there’s a casting call for “Dancing with the Normal People,” let me know.

I haven’t done a lot of blogging lately, so I have plenty of significant topics I could talk about. Like how my youngest is now toddling around, or how my oldest is graduating from Pre-K this evening, or how my we’ve been doing some pre-wedding celebrating with Jim and Lauren, or how I pulled off an amazing crockpot lasagna.

But, as you can probably guess, that is not what I’m going to talk about today. The topic of today’s blog is Dancing with the Stars. I finished watching the season last night (or, I should say, early this morning) on the internets. I actually kept up with the show all season by watching it on the internet, and staying about 2 weeks behind at all times. Fortunately for me, everyone was so enamored with American Idol this season that not one single person said anything in my facebook newsfeed to give away who was being eliminated from the show, so it was as good, to me, as watching it live! However, abc.com failed to be so sensitive, and when I logged on Monday night to watch Episode 8 before it was knocked off-line and the first thing I saw was a picture of 3 people who could only, logically, be the finalists, (arggh!), I figured I better hurry up and finish the season before I accidentally discovered who the winner was.

So I stayed up too late for a couple nights this week. But the ending wasn’t ruined for me. And I got a good bit of photo editing done, too.

(Oh, and a note on American Idol. I have never watched it, and I didn’t watch this season either. But Phillip Phillips hometown is just about 45 minutes from my own, and I believe Melanie actually grew up with him! Pretty cool!)

OK, so after finishing the season, here are some thoughts (and some spoilers ):

~ I know this is overgeneralization, but the talent on this season was truly AMAZING. With the exception of about 3 people, everyone looked like they had been dancing for years.

~ Is Tom Bergeron producing this show now? I can’t find anything to say he does, but he sure acts like he owns it! He also really walks a fine line between concerned/thorough host and creepy old man, agreed?

~ Is it just me, or does the crowd get rowdier each season?! This time, between the crowd heckling the judges and the judges heckling each other, I felt like I was watching British Parliament. OK, so I don’t know that I’ve ever really watched British Parliament, but that’s what I understand that it’s like.

And now I have a sudden urge to watch Amazing Grace.

~ My least favorite week? Rock Week. Other than with a good Paso Doble, I don’t think that the marriage of rock and ballroom is such a good idea. Just my opinion.

~ Favorite weeks? The “Most Memorable Year” episode was so emotionally charged, I couldn’t help but love it. I was also very, very surprised at how much I enjoyed Mo-Town Week. I thought it was a strange idea, but it turned out really nice!

~ I also enjoyed the shout-outs there were to the BBC hits that PBS has brought to us! Namely, the theme to Downton Abbey WITH THE WORDS, and a shout-out from Benedict Cumberbund (Sherlock!) to Katherine in the finale.

~ **spoilers from here on out** I had a dream team I was hoping to make it to the finals, and only one of them actually did: Jaleel White, Katherine Jenkins, and Melissa Gilbert as the underdog. (I will note here that the talent was so great this season that THERE WAS NO UNDERDOG/WILD CARD IN THE FINALS. First time I haven’t been like, “Wow, how did so-and-so make it to the finals?”)

~ I really, really feel like Maria Menounos was gipped. She should of totally been in the finals instead of William or Donald, not sure which. She was definitely the most improved out of the bunch, and after receiving the highest judges scores in the semifinals, I think the fans didn’t do her justice.

~ Speaking of Maria, what was up with her and Derek??? I think that she had a “boyfriend” that was interviewed at some point, but that man better watch out!

~ And, about the final…I like Donald, and he’s a very good dancer…but, really?! I stayed up THAT late just to find out that Grace Kelly, I mean Katherine, didn’t win? That’s like the time I stayed up to watch the Miss USA Pageant to see my physical therapist (Miss Alabama) get FIRST-RUNNER UP. Hours of my life I won’t get back.

~ OK, so that’s that. I will just say that whenever they decide to come out with Dancing with the Normal People, I am totally in. Since I wouldn’t make it very far, I would like to ensure that my first dance is the Viennese Waltz. Then you can send me home. With my costume. Thanks.


3 thoughts on “When there’s a casting call for “Dancing with the Normal People,” let me know.

  1. That sounds like fun! I have been watching “Up All Night” which is kind of cute. I think it is really cool that your therapist was in the running to be Miss Alabama. How old were you when that happened?

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