She graduated from PreK and decided she knows everything.

This is one of those months that I took a lot of pictures and haven’t had time to do anything with them.

In other words, it was a pretty normal month.

SOOOO, I might be back-blogging a lot of pictures. Or I might not. We’ll see what happens.

HOWEVER, regardless of my failure to adequately capture time, it marches on. Which, most recently, was signified by Ava graduationg from PreK. Oh yes, I now have a bonified Kindergartener on my hands.

Ava’s graduation was everthing a PreK graduation should be: ADORABLE.

Here they are walking in with their hands tucked behind their backs.

There was a lot of singing. And instead of teaching them normal preschool songs, Mr. Thomas, pictured above, went all Reverend Tim Tom. And it was awesome.

Motion intensive songs are very camera friendly.

And there were so many colors in the flooooooooowers.

After a montage of songs, a video of each child was played. They got to say, on camera, what their favorite part of school is, and what they want to be when they grow up. At the end of the video, that child would receive his/her “diploma.”

Ava’s favorite part of school was outside time AND circle time, and she wants to be a ballerina when she grows up. She had to explain it to me after the fact because she went all camera shy in her video.

After the diplomas were passed out, we had one more song: an accapella rendition of “Friend of God.”

Love the drama portrayed here!!!

After graduation, I rushed to my baby to let her know how proud I was of her, but the moment was ruined because she immediately got upset because I didn’t have a gift for her. I was so frustrated with how this all went down. I did, actually, have a gift for her in the car, but not only did I not get to have any joy in giving it to her later on, but we had to leave preschool on a disciplinary note instead of a happy one. I know this is a disruption in my happy story, but I’m keeping it real, folks. We had never previously said anything to her that I recall about giving her a graduation gift – this is an expectation she contrived on her own. I’m ashamed if I’m raising my children to have a sense of entitlement…but is it me? aaargh.

We did manage to make her dry her eyes enough for a few more pictures. But you can still see her pain.

Best friends! It’s so sad that they won’t get to be at the same school next year!

Afterwards, we did what any reasonable person would do and went to Wendys for dinner. We went with Isabel’s family, and the only other family in there was another graduate’s family, so the kids got to, as Tiffany put it, “run around like they owned the place.”

This is also the day that, after working on her for a year and a half, Emma decided that she likes me and Josh. She even sat with us to eat her French fries. Major score!

Here is a video of the “theme song” for the night. Ava had sung it for me numerous times before, so it was all I could do to not sing along. And kudos to Josh for video taping it while holding two boys in his lap! (I might have been…up in a chair….taking photographs.)

We are SO BLESSED to have had Ava in this particular preschool. She has learned so much, and I’m quite proud to have a Little Lambs graduate in my home. HOWEVER, they haven’t gotten rid of us yet…Izzy starts preschool in the fall!


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