Secret Project #2 – Revealed!

This is a victory post because THE CAMP LESSONS, THEY ARE WRITTEN. Can I get a “Hallelujah”?

Well, technically, I still have to modify some of them to work for Day Camp (younger kids), but if history repeats itself, that won’t take too long. Anyway, let’s just celebrate right now, ‘K?

I have to say, though, I found a website that really sped up my search for activities to help supplement my lessons. I will share with you in case you are working with camp, day camp, VBS, or anything else with children this summer that leaves you saying, “What in the world am I going to do with them???” Ultimate.Camp.Resource. This site is FULL of camp games, name games, ice breakers, silly songs…you name it, they have probably already thought of it. I challenged myself to NOT find some of the songs/games that I’ve learned in my various camp experiences. I don’t think I found the “Canoe Song.” Or “Little Sally Walker.” But everything else is right there.

And now I kind of want to have a camp. For grownups. So that we can play about 7,569 variations of tag without the kids getting in the way.

I also must credit my husband. I came down with something yesterday afternoon, and this morning it had not gone away. He took the day off work so that I could have a sick day. I spent the first half of the day on the couch going in and out of consciousness. As it turns out, being rested is nice, so I was able to devote the second half of the day to writing lessons (still on the couch, of course!)

So, in celebration of accomplishing something, I am going to reveal my second secret project! (These projects are not really being revealed in chronological order. Or any other specific order, for that matter.) The project would be? GRADUATION GIFTS!

I confess that it has been several years since we have given anyone a graduation gift. In fact, the last time might have been when Josh’s sister Kristy graduated from high school and Heather graduated from college in the same year – 2008. OK, now that I think about it, we probably gave Jenna and Lauren gifts when they got their Masters 2ish years ago. So, what I’m TRYING to say is, we are out of the habit of selecting and giving graduation gifts.

This year, we received a graduation invitation from Josh’s cousin, Paige. Although we were not able to travel to her graduation, we wanted to send her a little something to congratulate her. That limited our gift to something that could be mailed without costing an arm and a leg in shipping. Also, we have a high school graduate, Ruby, coming out of our church for the first time since we joined the church.

The one year that I lived in a dorm, I remember we each had a marker board outside of our door for people to leave messages for us when we weren’t there. So I thought it would be fun to make little marker boards as inspired by Pinterest!

Here is Paige’s:

And here is Ruby’s:

These are the same frames that I used in the last secret project from the Dollar Tree. This time, of course, I kept the glass! The letters came from Hobby Lobby. They were less than a dollar, and I think 4 came to the pack, so if anyone else has a name starting with “P” or “R”, don’t be surprised if you receive something similar from me! The kids helped me paint the frames and letters. Scrapbook paper is on the inside (I chose a very subtle pattern in hopes of not drowning out the marker.) I glued a little sheer ribbon loop to the top corner to hang a marker on. And I’ve already gushed about my book paper flowers!

I thought this would be nice because it could work in a dorm, as I mentioned, but if someone ends up not living in a dorm, it can be used on a desk, the kitchen counter, etc.

So there you have it. A little personalized marker board to send your grad off to college with. And they never have to know that the materials only cost you about 3 bucks.

Unless you happen to put it on your blog.


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