Secret Project #4 – Revealed (Alternative Title: The Night Pinterest Threw Up)

OK, so as I mentioned on Monday, Jim and Lauren got married on Saturday. Yay! Yay! Yay!!! However, I am behind on blogging, as usual, so I will have to take you back to Lauren’s bachelorette weekend to reveal my 4th secret project.

Since I was introduced to Pinterest about the same time that Lauren got engaged, I had a pinboard pretty much just for her bachelorette party. I am pretty good at making plans and not following them through, but being a Maid of Honor is a special job and I really, really wanted everything to look really nice for this!

We had our bachelorette weekend near where one of the bridesmaids, Kristy, lives, so I dropped Lauren off at Kristy’s baby shower (yes, we had 2 big parties in one day!) so that I could decorate the hotel room for the party without her watching me. Because that would be weird.

I had brought all of the decorations I had prepared in a big plastic tub. Since we were carpooling, I had to strategically pack my van to make everything fit! I was joined at the hotel by Lauren’s friend Colleen, whom I had never met, but fortunately, we meshed right away, so it didn’t seem weird to be climbing on hotel furniture together.

After a few hours of work, here is what we came up with!

This is what it looked like when you first walked in the room!

The focal point of the room! We added a punch bowl later. The fairy lights were created using this tutorial. I already had white lights. I purchased tulle from Hobby Lobby. I think I will just leave them like this – maybe I’ll put them in Ava’s room!

This monogram I made on a whim, but it turned out great! I saw canvases on sale at Hobby Lobby – 2 for $8. Even though I’m pretty ignorant to the price of art supplies, I knew that was a great deal! Wooden letters at Hobby Lobby were 50% off, so the whole project (if you just count the cost of one canvas,) came out to less than $10. And it was the most expensive decoration I made! I was inspired by this pin, but I just used paint (and painter’s tape!) instead of scrapbook paper. Josh helped me glue the letters on with super-de-duper glue. And Colleen helped me rig up the ribbon hangers right there on the spot so that we could use the mirror! (Me: “We could hot glue it AND staple it!” Colleen: “I like the way you think!”)

Everyone loves cupcakes! First, let me start with a confession: I did not make the cupcakes. I had every intention to. But time got short. So I bought some. And they were loved, anyway.

OK, the cake plates were based on the concept I’ve seen on Pinterest about 7,014 times: candle holders super glued to plates and then spray painted. (All items from the Dollar Tree!) The bottoms looked a little rough, so we wrapped them in some leftover tulle.

I originally thought I would order these cupcake toppers off Etsy. And then the expenses added up, and I just couldn’t bring myself to spend much on something that would be thrown away. So I used scrapbook paper leftover from the invitations, printed off some labels, and hot glued everything to tooth picks.

Vases were super easy! I have been saving jars (salsa, spaghetti sauce, etc.) for some time, so I simply picked out 4 pretty ones and spray painted them the same color as the cake plates (ballet slipper pink!) I bought $10 worth of silk flowers at the Dollar Tree, which was more than enough to make 4 nice bouquets.

The banner! I originally planned to buy this banner off Etsy, but I’m too cheap to spend that much on paper! So scrapbook paper (still leftover from invitations!), printed off letters, Dollar Tree ribbon, and hot glue did the trick! Lauren is a teacher, so I thought it would be cool to have the “Future” part separate so that she could use “Mrs. Sammons” in her classroom later if she wanted to.

The ceiling! Let me pause for a moment to celebrate the ruffled plastic table cloth streamers. They are just as easy to make as the lady who wrote the tutorial makes it sound. One ($1!) table cloth produced all 10 streamers. Making them was a completely mindless activity, about an hour watching TV and running them through my hands! And they will last forever.

Foreva eva.

Tissue paper balls! Because of how ginormous they get, I actually did not unfurl them until we got to the hotel room. I actually did not unfurl them at all, I gave them to Colleen and Kelly and let them have at it! I used a tutorial similar to this one. I didn’t have any wire, so I used a staple/yarn combo to secure the centers. And it only took me 10 sheets of tissue paper. Which can be easily obtained for $1. The girls, not having a picture or anything to go on, unfurled them to look like flowers. Which I loved, because they were super easy to pin to the ceiling. And when I had tried to make a sample ball at home, it turned out all lopsided. So I think the flower method is the way to go.

Oh, and the paper lanterns? I had every intention of purchasing nice, round lanterns. But they can be pricey. And then I discovered that I already had these. And they were the right color. Amen? Amen!

The favors! We have an amazing store in my city: The Country Dollar. It is FULL of accessories, jewelry, etc…and everything’s a dollar! I will take any excuse I can to go in there! So the favors were a no-brainer! I got everyone costume jewelry to go with our colors (Lauren’s, of course, is white!). Instead of giving everyone a “I’m with the bride” type button that they’ll never wear again, I safety pinned a little “Team Bride” sign to these flowers that are both hair clips AND brooches! To use as a normal accessory later on, the girls could just unpin the sign! (And I may have earmarked a black one for myself…don’t judge…)

Lauren’s pin, of course, needed a little more fanfare! I scoped out Etsy for some ideas, and then I got to work! My biggest accomplishment from this project was learning to make a paper wheel. And this used up the end of the scrapbook paper – so I had just enough!

Before we partied at the hotel room, we went to a nice Chinese place!

Here is Lauren after we decorated her enjoying her favorite soup!

Here are Kristy and I making a feeble attempt to use our chopsticks!

And here’s the group!

The rest of the events of the weekend, of course, are a secret. EXCEPT…

Check out this luggage cart I packed the next morning! This represents all of the decorations, food, and 4 people’s luggage. I was very, very proud of getting this thing packed up and not losing anything along the day!

When Lauren and I made our final stop for lunch, I realized I had not gotten a picture the whole weekend of just the two of us. So I did the classy thing and got one, self-portrait style, at Subway.

Okie doke, so that pretty much represents my justification for spending the last year perusing Pinterest. Hey, it’s for the greater good, people!


2 thoughts on “Secret Project #4 – Revealed (Alternative Title: The Night Pinterest Threw Up)

  1. You did an amazing job decorating! I love parties, but am not as patient to create everything from scratch. But there are times when I am forced due to budget, but I LOVE the ruffled tablecloth idea! Would be a great idea for a children’s party, baby shower and looks great as a bridal party as well! I hope that you enjoyed yourself, it looks like you did. 🙂 Take care, God bless, Victoria

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