My Little Babes on the Prairie

I stopped doing formal shoots with Egan after his 12 month pictures. But he’s gotten to that adorable toddler stage and I really wanted to document him where he is right now. And I may have had a little Pinspiration for this shoot, too.

All that goes to say, last Saturday is the first free Saturday we’ve had in a long time. Perhaps in 2012. And I got the notion that I was going to take Egan’s picture! So I contacted my friend Michelle to see if we could borrow our buddy Dublin once again. Of course she said yes. She’s always awesome to share her horse.

I started off the shoot in a little outfit that Lauren’s family had given us when he was born…because the hat is flippin’ awesome! And then, Egan (and the other kids, for that matter) got a little country. Or western. Country Western?

I will punctuate the pictures with bullet-points-o’-randomness. Get. Excited.

And enjoy!

~ Sooooo…I’m just now planning out our summer. Yes, I am aware that summer vacation is already about halfway over. I was busy being in a wedding and writing camp curriculum and planning VBS and eating M&Ms, OK???

~ In the spirit of having some structure to our days over the summer, I’ve assigned an activity for every day of the week. It goes like this:
Monday: Park Day
Tuesday: Craft Day
Wednesday: Field Trip Day
Thursday: Water Day
Friday: Play Date/Free Day

~ I don’t think I’ve actually done any of these activities on their actual assigned day yet. **sigh**

~ But summer reading, we finally have that going! With Izzy (and technically Ava, too,) we are reading through Thomas the Train Engine: The Complete Collection. (The original series by Rev. W. Audry.) My parents gave it to the kids for Christmas. I’ll admit that I’m learning a lot about steam engines!

~ With Ava, during the boys’ nap time, we are reading Little House on the Prairie. (I don’t believe any hyperlink is necessary.) Does anyone else experience serious mama guilt while reading through this series??? I mean, Ma Ingalls didn’t even have indoor plumbing, but you didn’t catch her complaining!

~ Between my childhood Little House books and a set of used books I bought at a consignment sale, it appears that we have every book in the series except These Happy Golden Years. All that goes to say, that if you have that book, and you intend to sell it in a yard sale……..please don’t.

~ Josh’s sisters came to stay with us for a few days while Harlie went to her old hospital for some checkups!

~ Apparently, Tropical Storm Debbie knew that this is where the party was, because she came and sat her butt right HERE for two days. So the girls came all excited to be hanging out in Florida…and then got to stare at the walls of my house for two days.

~ Harlie’s checkups went well, too. She was given clearance to have the surgery that will reconnect her intestines sometime in the near future. Prayers would be appreciated that, when she goes in for surgery, that they will discover enough functioning tissue for her to NOT need a transplant!

~ I’ve seen people singing the praises of oven-baked bacon on Pinterest for a while now. Now that I’ve tried it, I’m a full supporter of this bacon cooking method…especially since I overanalyze things and panic when I cook bacon in a skillet, ergo always overcooking the bacon.

Cover a cookie sheet with foil. Place a wire cooling rack on top. Spread your bacon in a single layer on top of that. Bake at 375 for 17-19 minutes depending on crispness preference. You’re welcome.

~ Ava has been “allergic” to chocolate milk for a few years now. Izzy didn’t want to feel left out. So he declared he is allergic to dinosaurs. With bones in them.

~ I’ve posted a lot of blogs lately that make me look crafty and innovative. In the interest of full disclosure, I feel the need to share that I have not finished hanging pictures on our walls. We have lived here a whole year, and there is still a good size stack of frames sitting in our still not completely unpacked office.

I could go on. But then I might risk actually finishing something.

~ OK, so I’m in a quandary over what to feed Egan for breakfast. He’s pretty much rejecting all baby foods now. And if my kids eat healthy for breakfast, it is cereal that he is not yet ready to chew. I know there are tons of recipes and Pinterest inspirations out there, but if anyone can endorse a recipe (or even a healthy packaged food!) that’s super fast, easy, healthy, and toddler appropriate…send it my way.

(I know, that’s very ambitious, but you never know unless you ask!)

~ This should be a blog post of its own, but what can I say, I’m feeling verbose! Josh and I never had engagement pictures or anything like that; our wedding photos were a (extremely wonderful!) gift. Having said that, it has come to my attention through a friend that some couples do “trash the dress” or “day after” type shoots in their wedding dresses as a way to celebrate their anniversary. I have found, through some internet searching, several couples who have done this for their TENTH anniversary! I’m really fascinated with the concept!

If nothing else, this should be further motivation for me to keep jogging. After all, I might just have to fit in my [pre-baby] wedding dress someday!

~ Our church’s VBS starts THIS Sunday and will go every Sunday night in July! Local folks…invite your friends!!!

~ I know this comes as a surprise to you, but I’m actually running out of things to say.

~ It’s mainly because I’m tired. I’ll think of lots of stuff tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “My Little Babes on the Prairie

  1. “allergic to dinosaurs with bones in them ” hahaha … that´s so cute! All the pics are beautiful!

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