Sweet Summertime Catch-Up

Last summer, I tried to make a blog post for each summer adventure that we had. Since I’m always so behind in blogging, this resulted in me writing about the summer well into the fall. So, this time, I’m just going to hit you with a bunch of summer photos all at once.

In other words, I finally got around to downloading pictures yesterday, and I realized I have a lot to share.

Here’s Josh and I on our anniversary date. Babysitting compliments of Tiff!

OK, so remember how I mentioned that Josh’s sisters were visiting with us and Tropical Storm Debbie came to visit, too? One of the ways we tried to keep from going completely crazy was by making cloud dough.

My review? I’d love to have it as an outside sandbox type deal. It’s a bit too much mess for inside, even for a messy like me.

Another way we tried to stay sane was by making God’s Eyes. (I neglected to get a good picture, but you can see the back of one hanging in the fort.) AND we made a fort to sleep in for night #2! Dana didn’t actually want to sleep in it, but I made her get in it for a picture. Ava was scared to sleep in it, but we got her to face her fears by agreeing to put the baby monitor in the living room so we could hear them.

That Friday, Tiff and I had planned to take our crews on a field trip to Wakulla Springs. It wasn’t until AFTER our kids had donned bathing suits that we found out that the swimming areas were closed due to flooding from the storm.

In case you don’t understand the severity of this scenario, I will explain. Once you put a kid in a bathing suit, they become a time bomb. If you don’t get him/her to water within a certain amount of time, an explosion is inevitable.

So what were we to do???

We started by trying out a new playground that Tiff had seen about halfway between our houses.

It. was. awesome.

Then, when everyone was so hot that their standard for what form their water entertainment took was markedly lower, we headed back to my house and hit the sprinkler!

And a good time was had by all!

On a different day, my kids got some outside time with one of my favorite low maintenance water activities: I give them a couple large bowls or buckets, put soapy water in one and fresh water in the other, and let them wash some toys! This time, they were washing off the toys they had used in the cloud dough, so they really did need cleaning!

Once they grew tired of that, I gave them wet sponges and told them to throw them at each other.

Unfortunately for Izzy, Ava is a much better aim. But I don’t think he noticed!

We got to go to Annabel’s birthday party! I think now all of our church babies have officially hit the ONE year old mark!!!

Fourth of July! Our church was manning the bouncy houses and passing out water at a community festival. While Josh helped, I did what any good mother would do and took the kids to get tattoos.

It was so hot and humid, these things rubbed off in a matter of minutes!

Egan: protector of bouncy houses.

I think the harness was too big for Izzy!

Egan’s first cornhole game!

That evening, we went to Bobby and Cynthia’s for hamburgers, and then it was time to find a spot to wait for fireworks!

First we entertained with bubbles…

…and then we turned the back of Brad’s truck into a gigantic play pin.


As it turns out, we did not have a particularly good vantage point for fireworks. But that’s not really why we were there, anyway; the company was great!

Yesterday was round 2 of playing in the sprinkler with the Harrells.

They weren’t nearly as interested in the sprinkler as I thought they should be, so I got the other hose and sprayed them down.

Hey, I’m not taking the time to sunscreen up my kids for nothing!

Cynthia had just learned that wet chalk will color hair, so we tried it out on the kids.

And then they tried it out on each other!

This is what Baby C thought of the whole ordeal.

And there you have it, a review of our past few weeks of sweet summertime!!! But don’t worry, we have VBS for our church every Sunday this month, camp next week, and Ava will start swimming lessons after that, so there are plenty more summer memories to be made!


One thought on “Sweet Summertime Catch-Up

  1. Looks like you have been having fun!! I saw a cute thing on pinterest about putting in a splash pad in your backyard because it’s easier to take care of than a pool. My husband is a certified pool operator and so he hates them and one never out one in, and so I told him about this and he thought I was crazy! Haha

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